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  1. increasing Memory usage

    Trium, when your slowdown occurs, have you checked the mem usage in the Task Manger? If so, does it climb higher, as in my scenario?
  2. increasing Memory usage

    Thanks, Willy2, I may try that. I'll report results. Thanks, Andavari, i'm not concerned just because of the number 4 GB. Sometimes it gets higher than that, but since I've discovered methods to reduce it, i use them when the number gets to around 4 GB. That's fairly arbitrary. And yes, when the usage approaches 4 GB and higher there is a noticeable slow down of general operation of the laptop.
  3. increasing Memory usage

    Thanks everyone for your replies! Here is a better explanation of the issue, and the 3 current resolutions that I've found so far. I am running a HP laptop, with 8 GB ram, and Windows 10. I consider 1.6 GB mem usage, as shown by Task Manager, as my baseline number. That's because it always resets to 1.6 GB when one of these three things occur. After getting the usage reset to 1.6 GB by one of the 3 methods, then the usage begins to creep up over time as I use the computer, and after it reaches about 4 GB then I perform one of these 3 things: 1. when Windows does an update, and reboots, the usage is 1.6 GB 2. when I download and run Norton Power Eraser. When it reboots, it goes back to 1.6 GB 3. And now a new procedure, thanks to nukecad above, which is running mdsched . After reboot, its back to 1.6 GB
  4. increasing Memory usage

    Is there anything in CCleaner to help minimize or reset the Memory usage that steadily increases over time? I'm using Windows 10. Thanks, raymondtm