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  1. Safe to use with dual boot?

    I must have done something wrong first time. Couple G, worked like a charm! Thnx again.
  2. Safe to use with dual boot?

    @mta I went ahead as you said and all seems to be well -thanks.
  3. Safe to use with dual boot?

    Thanks. You mean like C: ? Just Windows? I did run Analyse first and it seemed like it would remove 1/2 my Barracuda
  4. I can't find the right place to ask, but I dual boot Windows 7 / Ubuntu 16.04+ .. Question is, I run CC Cleaner and it says it can get rid of ginormous amount of stuff. - will it touch the Ubuntu partitions? There are shared NTFS which would be fine to clean, but the ext4 I want to keep virginal.