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  1. Deleted files written over each other

    Yeah it is formatted ExFat. I didn't find out that the formatted SD had anything we wanted until we had shot about 8GB on top of the newly formatted card. I see that many files were overwritten by post-format files. Those are toast for sure. All I want to recover are those that were not overwritten after the format. The fact that some are showing up as overwritten by pre-format files is what has me confused.
  2. Deleted files written over each other

    Also, none of the recovered files will play in VLC, and attempting to import them into Premiere Pro results in program crash.
  3. Deleted files written over each other

    It was from an in-camera reformat.
  4. Deleted files written over each other

    I didn't. This all happened in-camera.
  5. I have some video files from a Panasonic GH5 that I'm trying to recover. I don't expect to be able to get them all, but the main one I want to recover says it been overwritten by another file, and that file says it has been overwritten by another. Now the part that's weird is that these files that are occupying the same space as the big file I want... They were created BEFORE I accidentally formatted the card. How's that possible? I think that Recuva is seeing the files incorrectly.