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  1. CCleaner Crashing.

    I found the problem! The problem is the parameter "Enable Active Monitoring". If it is turned on (as if by default), the program works fine, but if you disable it, the Ccleaner crashes right after the start. Please tell the developers about it. I hope this is fixed in the next version. By the way, on version 5.43.6522 there is no such problem with KIS 19, I just installed and tried it. Although this problem I did not have and on version 5.44.6575 and KIS 18, but yesterday I installed the version of KIS 19 and it worked fine with Ccleaner 5.44 wiper within 24 hours and the problem appeared tonight.
  2. CCleaner Crashing.

    This did not help, unfortunately. I have a different situation: CCleaner crashing after the start of the program itself, rather than after clicking a button "Run Cleaner" in Ccleaner.
  3. CCleaner Crashing.

    I have the same problem, CCleaner crashing a few seconds after the start. I use Kaspersky internet security 2019 and CCleaner 5.44. Without KIS CCleaner works fine. It started tonight. Help me please