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  1. Changes in v5.45 and your feedback

    Thanks, I live in total fear of getting something gross from an official download after what happened in the past.
  2. Changes in v5.45 and your feedback

    So why when I plug CCleaner into Virus total do I get this? https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/fe052ad062014cbb89fb70a6a1bd9c9c324a9e4b9b46a6d9753e34d85cddf8df/analysis/1533493320/
  3. Changes in v5.45 and your feedback

    How could this program have this update pushed out in it's current form? Everytime the program runs it starts a new start up entry for it to run at start up, I see no reason for that. Also you can no longer disable active monitoring? CCleaner isn't the kind of program people leave running all the time, I know most users use it rarely to clear out junk, that's about it. So what's going on? Wanna collect some of that Activity Data to sell off to advertisers so they can build usage profiles on us? I see no reason for CCleaner to be running like it is in it's current state, this seems shady and if it is not resolved quickly, you will lose someone who pays for your product. Return CCleaner to actually closing when you close the program and for it to no longer attempt to make itself run on startup.