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  1. I don't think it's a bug. I think they thought they'd sneak it in and no-one would notice. They're now saying there'l be a fix in a few weeks. It's easier to go back to an earlier version. You can get earlier versions on FileHippo, just don't let it update.
  2. Goodbye CCleaner from a Pro user

    Why did you post this quoting my post? I know how to block things in Windows Firewall - didn't I say - I have blocked it - not how do you block it.
  3. Goodbye CCleaner from a Pro user

    I agree - plus the stupidity of not being able to close it from the system tray is weird. I uninstalled it, went back a version and blocked it from calling home in Windows Firewall.
  4. I just don't understand why they need to do this - what is this 12 hour heartbeat that checks in with them? I've uninstalled and gone back to a previous version and I won't be updating unless this idiocy is fixed.
  5. Unable disable monitoring in 5.45.6611

    I've unistalled it - this is totally out of order.
  6. Can't disable active monitoring

    I totally agree with this, been using CCleaner for years - and this is driving me crazy. I've disabled it every which way there is and yet it still comes back. Totally out of order. I'm downgrading to a version that doesn't do this and won't bother installing any updates in future. Disgraceful sneaky behaviour by whoever thought this was a good idea.