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  1. Clearly this is an issue by doing this,forcing users to send data,they are losing it especially after that massive supply-chain malware attack that struck the company back in August 2, 2017,they really don't inspire confidence anymore! thehackernews.com/2018/04/ccleaner-malware-attack.html
  2. Yes it was,but unfortunately today it activated itself again very strange...
  3. I did some tampering in regedit and after two or three attempts i was able to switch of the monitoring: HKCU>Software>Piriform>CCleaner>SystemMonitoring First open ccleaner turn off monitoring,and turn of startup task for it ,then go to regedit and first change the highlited values with number 2 open ccleaner ,wait couple of seconds close it than change all values to 0,after that when you run the program monitoring will be off...