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  1. CCleaner Beta v5.56.003

    This release contains several improvements to the new Software Updater feature alongside improvements to IE/Edge cleaning. Software Updater - Software updater has been moved to the second slot in the ‘Tools’ menu - Various crash fixes - Improved software identification - Added new software to the supported list Browser Cleaning - Added additional database tables for IE & Edge cleaning Bug Fixes - Fixed an issue causing blank rows in the ‘Cookies to Keep’ list Localisation - Added support for the Malay language Please comment on this topic if you find any additional bugs, issues or if anything listed above is not fixed for you. Download: https://www.ccleaner.com/go/get_beta ccsetup556_beta.exe - CCleaner Beta - Slim Installer MD5: 8523b307b55b58420976f10a955588b9 SHA256: 015225a04f84ca2ccbd09b7aa14e387ec6eec7d6ea40eb28f7b0e92fb3ece548
  2. new license, how long it last if not activated?

    Hi @mgg1959, what Nergal says is indeed correct. All license benefits and features start from the date of purchase and not activation. Thanks
  3. ccleaner version 7108 is really really awful

    The program should just show an error code if it can't reach the updater server. If you are experiencing a crash then this is a bug which will need further investigation. The software updater should also not affect any of the other applications functionality.
  4. ccleaner version 7108 is really really awful

    @Edward5932 We were having some server issues last night and this morning which slowed down or cancelled update requests. This should now be resolved, can you let me know if you are still experiencing this issue.
  5. CCleaner v5.55 Surprise!!!

    Hi All, The message box you are describing has a 'No Thanks' option in the bottom left-hand side, as seen in the screen picture below. This will close the message and cancel the software update. If you are not seeing this option please let me know and provide a screenshot if possible.
  6. Can anyone experiencing this issue shed some light on usage or how this issue occurs: Does it happen every time you run CCleaner? How long does the application have to be open before it starts duplicating processes? What are you running/using in CCleaner? What OS and CC version are you using? Do you have Smart Cleaning active? Thanks
  7. Can't install new Release 5.53.7034

    Hi Ron, I have DM'd you to get some more info about your subscription and hopefully get this issue resolved for you.
  8. As nukecad has suggested this is currently an experimental feature and this is useful feedback so thank you for bringing it to our attention. To help us out with this issue can I ask that you run CCleaner in debug mode, recreate this issue and then send me the log file that is generated. Instructions on how to do this can be found here: https://www.ccleaner.com/docs/ccleaner/troubleshooting/running-ccleaner-in-debug-mode Thanks
  9. CCleaner error code 19

    @caravanserai When you select 'Tools' you are automatically taken to the Software Updater, this action initiates the software Scan/Refresh. As I can see from your screen shot you have moved to the Uninstaller tab, this will currently cancel the refresh and bring up error code 19. In the next release this message will be made clearer or be removed all together.
  10. CCleaner error code 19

    Hi All, For the next release we are working on more user facing error codes. For now I can tell you that the codes mentioned above relate to: 19 = Refresh Cancelled (Occurs if you navigate away from the Software Updater screen whilst it is refreshing the list) 29 = Timeout (Connection times out with the updater service)
  11. fair play? + CC keep appearing.

    The 'Play Fair' message is not a targetted message and part of a wider awarenesss campagin for our business products. This message should only be shown once to each user, however we are aware of a bug where it is shown repeatedly to some users. This should be fixed with our latest version 5.54.
  12. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, we have blacklisted Steam so it wont appear as a porgram to update. We hope to add it back to the list of supported applications when we have resolved the installation issue.
  13. Thanks for playing fair pop up

    This recurring popup issue should be fixed with the next release (5.54)
  14. ccupdate10.cab requests after uninstall

    Can you confirm if CCupdate.exe has been removed in the uninstallation along with the Update scheduled task?
  15. Your pop up won't go away!

    f you click the pin icon the message will stay visible and not fade. If you are still having issues can you please provide a screen picture of the message.
  16. ccupdate10.cab requests after uninstall

    .CAB files are only used with the emergency updater. Are you saying its making requests on machines with CC uninstalled?
  17. Malay Translation for CCleaner

    Thanks for your interest, I have passed your information onto the relevant teams. They should email you shortly with information on how the translation process works.
  18. CCleaner Beta v5.53.002

    This release contains a crash fix outlined below. Please let us know if this release fixes the issue for you, and please also let us know if you find any additional bugs or issues. Bug Fix: - Fixed a bug where CCleaner crashes on launch when installed alongside various Norton AV products Download: https://www.ccleaner.com/go/get_beta ccsetup553_beta.exe - CCleaner Beta - Slim Installer MD5: 0766c93dc798ecbea1c6d792d52deed3 SHA256: 942e8e224f943b9a4a9d2b0df941c2183ece2e22155d704191c6274f663b3551
  19. CCleaner Beta v5.53.002

    @bmccune12 You may need to reactivate your license Please do so by navigating to Options > About > Upgrade to Pro Here you will need to enter your license information and select register, I have sent these to you in a direct message in case you do not have them to hand
  20. cc pop up

    The issue here is not relating to cookies. @Jackster56 I can see that you have renewed your license but it has not been activated in the product. Please navigate to Options > About> License Information > Register New Key and enter your license details as they appear in the purchase email. Feel free to message me directly if you need any futher assistance.
  21. CCleaner stealth installation?

    Hi Jimmni, The option to install CCleaner is shown on the first screen of the Speccy installer, see below.
  22. New Norton 360

    We have a fix for this issue which is due in the next release (5.53). I have released this fix as a Beta version which you can access before the next official release.
  23. Norton 360 II

    We have a fix for this issue which is due in the next release (5.53). I have released this fix as a Beta version which you can access before the next official release.
  24. Cc: Real Estate

    Appolgies I did in fact read that question incorrectly. However, the only change we have made to the minimum window size in the last few years has been with Quick Clean. This is due to increasing screen DPI causing scaling issues within the application. @Andavari As I have mentioned before if you do not want Quick Clean you can disable it in the registry or just simply select your default landing page as Custom Clean @MaxSWL This is because CCleaner remembers the last window size that was used.
  25. CCleaner 5.52.6967 Smart Cleaning bug

    Microsoft has a tendency to keep Edge running in the background even after closing the application, this prevents us from cleaning as the databases are locked. Next time you notice that it doesn't clean when you close the application, open task manager and check if Edge is still active.