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  1. CCleaner Beta v5.53.002

    @bmccune12 You may need to reactivate your license Please do so by navigating to Options > About > Upgrade to Pro Here you will need to enter your license information and select register, I have sent these to you in a direct message in case you do not have them to hand
  2. cc pop up

    The issue here is not relating to cookies. @Jackster56 I can see that you have renewed your license but it has not been activated in the product. Please navigate to Options > About> License Information > Register New Key and enter your license details as they appear in the purchase email. Feel free to message me directly if you need any futher assistance.
  3. CCleaner stealth installation?

    Hi Jimmni, The option to install CCleaner is shown on the first screen of the Speccy installer, see below.
  4. New Norton 360

    We have a fix for this issue which is due in the next release (5.53). I have released this fix as a Beta version which you can access before the next official release.
  5. Norton 360 II

    We have a fix for this issue which is due in the next release (5.53). I have released this fix as a Beta version which you can access before the next official release.
  6. CCleaner Beta v5.53.002

    This release contains a crash fix outlined below. Please let us know if this release fixes the issue for you, and please also let us know if you find any additional bugs or issues. Bug Fix: - Fixed a bug where CCleaner crashes on launch when installed alongside various Norton AV products Download: https://www.ccleaner.com/go/get_beta ccsetup553_beta.exe - CCleaner Beta - Slim Installer MD5: 0766c93dc798ecbea1c6d792d52deed3 SHA256: 942e8e224f943b9a4a9d2b0df941c2183ece2e22155d704191c6274f663b3551
  7. Cc: Real Estate

    Appolgies I did in fact read that question incorrectly. However, the only change we have made to the minimum window size in the last few years has been with Quick Clean. This is due to increasing screen DPI causing scaling issues within the application. @Andavari As I have mentioned before if you do not want Quick Clean you can disable it in the registry or just simply select your default landing page as Custom Clean @MaxSWL This is because CCleaner remembers the last window size that was used.
  8. CCleaner 5.52.6967 Smart Cleaning bug

    Microsoft has a tendency to keep Edge running in the background even after closing the application, this prevents us from cleaning as the databases are locked. Next time you notice that it doesn't clean when you close the application, open task manager and check if Edge is still active.
  9. Cc: Real Estate

    @PCFYTV We are currently testing out a new feature called 'Quick Clean' which has been distributed to about 10% of our install base. As part of this new feature, we have adjusted the minimum window size from 740x540px to 1010x700px inline with ever increasing screen size. Once this feature rolls out to the wider install base that new minimum size will be standard across the platform and you should have more 'real estate' as you suggest.
  10. Norton 360 II

    Hi All, we are aware of this issue and in contact with Norton to find a solution. I will report back when we have a fix and when it will be released. Thanks
  11. Is this copyright true?

    This information is not correct. What is the source?
  12. manual update not work 100% windows10 ccl pro

    Thanks for picking this up, I have raised it as a bug for our developers to look into. I will let you know once it has been fixed
  13. chrome history

    Chrome is found under the 'Applications' tab when cleaning, here you can untick the 'Internet History' option
  14. Deleting Renewal Notice

    If you have started a new subscription you will need to activate your new license in the application. Please do this as follows: In the application navigate to Options > About > License Information Click 'Register New Key' Copy your new license information (found in the purchase email from Cleverbridge, if you can find it please DM me and I will let you know your details) into the relevant boxes: Click 'Register' Thanks
  15. Subscription pop up keep comming up

    Hi Lauried, I believe the issue here is that your application is still on an old expired license key. I have sent you a DM with insructions on how to activate your new license key. Thanks, Ben