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  1. In preparation for Microsoft's upcoming launch of their NEW Edge Chromium browser (more info)  we have been busy adding support for it in CCleaner. So we can start getting feedback as early as possible we have put our progress thus far into a Beta, which contains the following cleaning rules:

    • Internet Cache
    • Cookies
    • Internet History
    • Download History

    NOTE: Currently CCleaner treats both the Canary and Dev versions of the browser as the same (more info on them here), meaning both will be cleaned at the same time. Feel free to let us know if this is going to be a problem.

    Known Issue/s: (I will add to this list if more are discovered)

    1. CCleaner is not reporting anything for Download History during Analysis or Cleaning. It is however still cleaning this location if the rule is selected.

    What's Next: We’re intent on adding more cleaning rules and improvements. Let us know which of the below you would like to see next!

    • Session
    • Compact Databases
    • Saved Passwords
    • Saved Forms
    • Last Download Location
    • Full support in other CC functions (Smart Cleaning, Easy Clean, Cookies to Keep etc)

    Please comment in this topic if you find any additional bugs or issues.


    ccsetup561_beta.exe - CCleaner Beta - Slim Installer
    MD5: 9d5b420e5b632560a3415af302dd02a0
    SHA256: abcdeb3519950cef832e029ecbc0b5d3f569c49d0fcb4e1366f6408b6e957060

  2. File Verification
    Please find below the MD5 and SHA-256 file hashes for verification purposes.

    CCleaner Installers

    ccsetup560.exe - CCleaner Free Installer
        MD5: 37d020ece812915cf377c5b213691d14
        SHA256: 00be05f95e08eb4f181ccde15403e782150a616cb93fd74525c99920f53a2cea

    cctrialsetup.exe - CCleaner Pro Trial Installer
        MD5: 99d77c413f1b4bdcf2e902b914df73d7
        SHA256: ca5cb9d56703dfd2aa14a51fed9e31e8bdd54e31b66583191d8d219330096889

    ccsetup560_pro.exe - CCleaner Pro Installer
        MD5: 07ffdee5c052b0c80f3a657152980394
        SHA256: 605b82b397fd28eada63ac33911493f577ac3929444588baa4af64d3fcad733b

    ccsetup560_be.exe - CCleaner Business Edition Installer
        MD5: a0b92d88be4dfc3511e6c2f0c22ccbd3
        SHA256: 3f59948789b36fa0ad490bd661e81565aa4965f8c5b6023d88ab4a2d9bc78012

    ccsetup560_be_trial.exe - CCleaner Business Edition Trial Installer
        MD5: 8a5572304be9211974eea6cfa5b23221
        SHA256: 427d913dcecd9fe32a15482a8c79899bb227ce88049a1fcb206bfec9b8536ad7

    ccsetup560_x64_be.msi - CCleaner Business Edition 64-bit MSI Installer
        MD5: 3f82e1b379186235db768825bd6bc3b7
        SHA256: dc6be31979e1e4b68967ebb4830b8111070b21ff1a382229bb4e325ae62c8943

    ccsetup560_x86_be.msi - CCleaner Business Edition 32-bit MSI Installer
        MD5: 5bab0c60b39e9bbae7c7802c22e4ffe0
        SHA256: de51d3870c4f7dd8a1e1b828871d272c5ccbf858e80dc44671f5a8ac4aaa68e5

    ccsetup560.zip - CCleaner Portable (zipped)
        MD5: 6b72da280cf1d0d7bf2a79e29ddb185b
        SHA256: 06b6fac2e5f79ec795f048f85d805f8e06290520bf18c45544ee95176f0503e3

    ccsetup560_slim.exe - CCleaner Free Slim Installer
        MD5: 3da3ba2629635583918b6c490fb4f920
        SHA256: 44254a3e55e54007b9e925a08339f564af5b11fd8fd1769dcb3246bfab84041d

    ccsetup560_te.exe - CCleaner Technician Edition Installer
        MD5: 8729d6ba9b75448dfba3491b8b0099ab
        SHA256: c934e795f223052ede605835719c05707953b7d27346db2e2f319c3922d0a5ca

    CCleaner Application Executables

    CCleaner.exe - CCleaner 32-bit binaries
        MD5: ac749019d5fb0289a347976d2e72c3ca
        SHA256: 6f5a6d3791d6e55ad8e975bd2378242ffa8f26631d89fff668dcb9b5dcd38f8a

    CCleaner64.exe - CCleaner 64-bit binaries
        MD5: 182ed710b518f6f28b41a631e9c9c0f8
        SHA256: db59a8fb1e7bb823d209fe26413c63769faef483069cbea968ddb2e5b20d94a3

    CCUpdate.exe - CCleaner Emergency Updater
        MD5: b18156a548fb72192eea0248279317ae
        SHA256: b9c6caf8df6059fcfb7c6b0c1e99db333073860ee51b61c7c26e0c0697495c24

  3. Hi Michael,

    You can cancel the auto-renewal in CCleaner, provided your product is registered using the license you want to cancel, navigate to Options > About > License Information > Manage Subscription here there is an option to Cancel next to Auto Extension.

    The other option is via the email emails you received at the time of purchase from Cleverbridge. In this email is a section titled 'Subscription Cancelation' in which there is a link to cancel the auto-renewal.


  4. Hi All,

    We're having intermittent issues with the hosting platform used for the Speccy snapshots. The fix we are having to implement involves migrating the hosting to an entirely new platform. The new platform should be up and running within the next few days, please bear with us whilst we work to resolve this.


  5. This release contains several improvements to the new Software Updater feature alongside improvements to IE/Edge cleaning.


    Software Updater

    - Software updater has been moved to the second slot in the ‘Tools’ menu

    - Various crash fixes

    - Improved software identification

    - Added new software to the supported list


    Browser Cleaning

    - Added additional database tables for IE & Edge cleaning


    Bug Fixes

    - Fixed an issue causing blank rows in the ‘Cookies to Keep’ list



    - Added support for the Malay language


    Please comment on this topic if you find any additional bugs, issues or if anything listed above is not fixed for you.






    ccsetup556_beta.exe - CCleaner Beta - Slim Installer

    MD5: 8523b307b55b58420976f10a955588b9

    SHA256: 015225a04f84ca2ccbd09b7aa14e387ec6eec7d6ea40eb28f7b0e92fb3ece548

  6. Hi All,

    The message box you are describing has a 'No Thanks' option in the bottom left-hand side, as seen in the screen picture below. This will close the message and cancel the software update. If you are not seeing this option please let me know and provide a screenshot if possible.


  7. As nukecad has suggested this is currently an experimental feature and this is useful feedback so thank you for bringing it to our attention.

    To help us out with this issue can I ask that you run CCleaner in debug mode, recreate this issue and then send me the log file that is generated. Instructions on how to do this can be found here:



  8. @caravanserai When you select 'Tools' you are automatically taken to the Software Updater, this action initiates the software Scan/Refresh. As I can see from your screen shot you have moved to the Uninstaller tab, this will currently cancel the refresh and bring up error code 19. In the next release this message will be made clearer or be removed all together.

  9. Hi All,

    For the next release we are working on more user facing error codes. For now I can tell you that the codes mentioned above relate to:

    19 = Refresh Cancelled (Occurs if you navigate away from the Software Updater screen whilst it is refreshing the list)

    29 = Timeout (Connection times out with the updater service)

  10. The 'Play Fair' message is not a targetted message and part of a wider awarenesss campagin for our business products. This message should only be shown once to each user, however we are aware of a bug where it is shown repeatedly to some users. This should be fixed with our latest version 5.54.

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