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  1. Hi Imacri - Thanks for the updated information (re: 32-bit vs. 64-bit use), and please excuse the long posting. I’ve decided to not use CCleaner at all, until the heartbeat implementation is fully addressed by CCleaner in a completely open manner (with user-options easily controlled). I’ve also read of several bugs in the 5.45.6611 version… this is another reason for me to avoid this release. Out of protest, I’ll avoid all CCleaner versions for now, and will use an alternative (portable) “cleaner” I’ve recently found. I’m too old to be annoyed, and played with – and taken for granted by software makers. There are alternatives. MicroSoft tried to force-feed Win10 on me – with all its “telemetry features”. So, I bought a laptop with Linux pre-installed. By the time my Win7 is no longer supported, I’ll know all I need to know about the Linux “Terminal”. I had paid for (at least) five versions of XARA programs, over the years, but they were bought out by Magix (just as CCleaner was bought by Avast), and have since deserted their once-loyal base. They, too, have lost my support. The only way to get what we deserve, is to avoid those who don’t deserve our support. In fairness to CCleaner, I’ll say I have not paid for CCleaner, but they offered “free” versions, and I accepted their offers. Now (to me), their free version isn’t worth using, if I pay thru loss of privacy. I realize heartbeat is not a concern to some, but to many of us, things like this is a "privacy concern". Unlike XARA/Magix, CCleaner seems to be willing to (at least) address their user’s concerns – so I’ll watch – and will be very happy to return, and to (again) recommend CCleaner to others, who may purchase a CCleaner license. One more thing – I used Avast for years also, but dropped them when they began using those annoying popups, trying to get me to buy the paid version. I didn’t “need” it. Again, there were alternatives… there are always alternatives. Thanks, Imacri for your input, and follow-up; it’s good to know there is help and guidance “out there”. So, I’ve said my piece – I do hope I can again, use CCleaner… so I’ll watch.
  2. Thanks Imacri for your thorough reply, and thanks to the others, as well. I'll use this information to help guide my usage of CCleaner (portable-only), should I keep using it at all. I knew that nothing could be sent during a run of CCleaner (portable), if run while offline, but did not know if something could be placed to “call home” afterward – when connected again. I have used it for many years, and had put my trust in it, thru all those years. These "helpful" programs (IMHO), shouldn't be dropping surprises into their trusted products. Although, to CCleaner's credit, it does appear they hear that the "heartbeat"/call home (by default), has raised the attention and aroused some dissatisfaction (suspicion), among its loyal users, and they state (in this forum), that they will look to improve the implementation (An "Opt-In" button, perhaps?). Again, “Thank you”, Imacri – very helpful.
  3. I have asked this before, but does anyone know if "heartbeat" calls home when using a portable version of CCleaner? And, what if CCleaner (portable) is run while being totally disconnected from the Internet during the run of CCleaner?
  4. Build 5.45.6611

    Does the portable version also use/send "heartbeat" reports back to CCleaner? Does using the portable version while being totally disconnected from the Internet prevent heartbeat reporting?