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  1. Have you tried to download the new version from the Ccleaner site? It should download normally and install once it is on your computer. It should go into your downloads folder.
  2. It's not working correctly with this version. It appears to download the update, but never goes into the install phase. I just go the the ccleaner site and download the free version from the site and it updates my pro version. I assume that they will have this fixed in the next version. One more thing. Make sure when it is ready to install that you uncheck the Avast Virus Scan install if you already have another antivirus program. Otherwise you will end up installing it and having to uninstall it.
  3. The nice part about this was that as long as I don't uninstall the 5.44 version first, and just install the free one, the license is maintained.
  4. Thanks. I went to FileHippo and downloaded 5.43 free and installed it over the top of my pro version and it now works fine again on all 3 machines. I will remember that for the next issue, of which there have been very few. I could not find the older version of the paid one on line. I guess they are the same as long as you have a license and install the freebie over the top of the paid one.
  5. The option is there to run CCleaner when right clicking on the recycle bin. Clicking it does nothing now. It used to run CCleaner and empty the recycle bin. while it was cleaning it showed an animated icon in the task bar. It no longer is animated, and appears to do nothing. I first noticed it within the last couple of days. I looked at the icon in the tray and it is no longer animated as it was, but now is stuck with the message CCleaner (Cleaning…). It is actually doing nothing. I have verified the same problem exists on 2 Win 10 pro computers and a Win 7 pro computer. I know it is doing nothing since if I run it manually immediately after, it works as normal and cleans everything including emptying the recycle bin.