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  1. Then why does CCleaner still show files to be deleted after the analysis and cleaning (when browser is closed) is done?
  2. Are you referring to the Cleaner section, Windows and Applications tabs?
  3. I'm running the trial version of CCleaner Pro 5.51. When I close the browser, I get a displayed message that CCleaner has cleaned the browser. What exactly is CCleaner doing when cleaning the browser?
  4. I have done multiple reboots, all to no avail. I did follow your direction on the Include option and that worked. The C:\Windows\Temp folder is still in existence although there are no files in that pathway. The temp files are going to the D drive. CCleaner just isn't picking them up unless I use the Include option as described above.
  5. OS = Windows 7 Pro, 64 bit CCleaner = version 5.41 I even tried upgrading CCleaner to version 5.44 and that didn't make any difference. I also tried doing an uninstall and reinstall of CCleaner and that didn't help.
  6. C:\Windows\Temp does not have any files, D:\Windows\Temp does have files, both observed through Windows Explorer. In CCleaner, System Temporary Files for Windows does not show anything for D:\Windows\Temp, only showing files for D:\UserLoginName\AppData\Local\Temp.
  7. I changed the TEMP and TMP variables by editing Environment Variables. The system temporary files for Windows are going to the D drive. I can see that through Windows Explorer. But CCleaner is not detecting them.
  8. I changed the location of the TEMP folder in C:\Windows to D:\Windows. Although the drive designations are different, they are both on the same physical device. When the pathway for system temporary files was defined as C:\Windows\Temp, I could always see the files in the CCleaner analysis. Since I changed the pathway to D:\Windows\Temp, system temporary files for Windows do not appear at all. The only temp files that I see are under my user login. Why does CCleaner not detect system temporary files for Windows in the D drive?
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