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  1. @CCleaner why is this so hard to fix?
  2. Didn't work. I reinstalled the latest release and the switches still don't work (/AUTO /SHUTDOWN). I reinstalled 543 *1 release back and they work. Like original it's an issue with the latest release of CC.
  3. My bad I didn't see. let me reinstall the latest release and see if it works. could be the reinstall fixes the problem after the Windows update. Thank you again
  4. @Stephen Piriform any ideas?
  5. in my case I am not using Malwarebytes. can you read up and respond
  6. True the last update no longer works with the switches. the command is ignored on Win 10 Pro 64 bit I used @echo on cd C:\Program Files\CCleaner start CCleaner.exe /AUTO /SHUTDOWN exit When I reverted to the prev release v5.46.6522 the switches worked again. Malwarebytes is not installed free version of Ccleaner