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  1. I’m watching this thread with interest as I too have noticed that neither the receipt nor the terms & conditions seem to mention the license is only for 1 year & not a lifetime license. I too thought I was purchasing a lifetime license with updates & support. I have noticed that I can use all the features except automatic update but can manually update, imo this means the license is a lifetime one & in reality you’re just paying £15.00 approx for the auto update feature & another year of support - not worth the cost imo but that’s another story.
  2. CCleaner does not remove cookies

    I have the feeling the OP is referring to the same problem I’ve seen in that CCleaner can auto run after closing Edge but when looking under cookies there’s several entries still there - ergo it appears either auto cleaning nor choosing clean cookies actually cleans them. I apologise if this isn’t what the OP is referring to.
  3. CCleaner does not remove cookies

    I can easily clean the cookie on the left side: highlight the top cookie & hold shift then click the bottom cookie which will highlight them all, then right click & choose delete. I've attached a video. CCleaner.wmv
  4. CCleaner does not remove cookies

    Will try this & post back. Edit: I followed the instructions & then opened Edge to visit this site & post, after closing Edge CCleaner ran cleanup but cookies were still listed - see afterclean screengrab. I then went to analyse cookies & it said all was clean/no cookies - seeafteranaly screengrab.
  5. CCleaner does not remove cookies

    Here's mine. Running clean (Edge) stated no cookies (clean) but under Cookies there were quite a few listed. CCleaner64_v5.46.6652_2018-09-16_21-26-43.log
  6. CCleaner does not remove cookies

    I’ve noticed similar, there’s a long list of cookies listed even though I have set CCleaner to clean cookies when the browser is closed. I have to manually clean them. Using Edge. Windows 10 Pro fully upto date. Windows Defender & Malwarebytes Pro.
  7. Avast checked during install

    Use Unchecky which unticked pre-ticked installs within program installations. https://unchecky.com/
  8. I'm puzzled - just for one year?

    The pro features continue to work in that the programs doesn’t revert to the free version. As stated the only thing the users is required to do is to manually update to the newer versions. Can’t advise on the pop-up as I’m not receiving it.
  9. I'm puzzled - just for one year?

    I am still using the pro version well past the licence’s expiration date, I just have to manually update the program. The license renewal just means you continue to receive automatic updates & customer support for another year.
  10. Licence

    I continue to use Pro well past the expiration date, all works except I have to do a manual update for the latest version. I wish there was a lifetime license we could purchase.
  11. Cookies on Computer to Exclude

    No news or finance apps on the pc & I only have Bing as my homepage under IE 11 which I don’t use.
  12. Cookies on Computer to Exclude

    I’ve noticed that even after auto cleaning there are several cookies left over - even after setting only delete cookies older than 24 hours to off. I have to manually click on them & choose delete. These cookies seem to be mostly Bing related. I found the same with HDClean too.
  13. Doesn't Install Correctly

    You have to await Malwarebytes to fix the problem with their software. I'm awaiting the same fix.
  14. Update on this: It seems CCleaner is working apart from the notifications which only appear when the program is open, I tested the cookie cleaning & it left several cookies - two Bing, a winzip updater & the one for CCleaner special offer ad. I added these to keep & turned off browser monitoring & visited a few sites, I checked for cookies then I turned browser monitoring back on & opened Edge again, browser was cleaned & when I went to check afterwards the cookies had gone. I appears some cookies are cleaned while others remain for some reason, I even turned off the only delete cookies older than 24 hours & the Bing cookies were still these on cleaning.
  15. CCleaner's system tray is running, I'm referring to the program being open on the desktop.