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  1. Just had the 1803 update last week on my Win 10 Pro , CCleaner v5.43 free and its not cleaning IE11 cookies properly now ( logged into eBay cookie preserved ) If I go to control panel and use INTERNET OPTIONS and delete temporary files its gone , if I sign into eBay again , close IE wait 5 mins and do a cleaner, CCleaner reports that there are no cookies in OPTIONS/COOKIES after a clean but if I shutdown/restart CCleaner it shows that eBay cookie is still there in OPTIONS/COOKIES ! Not complaining as I love CCleaner , just pointing out that there is a glitch/bug that seems to be re appearing , as all was good before 1803 update.
  2. Just had the newest update to Win 10 the other day , Win 10 Pro v1803 and I am getting exactly the same issues as above , didn't have them before this update. I have updated to the newest version of CCleaner free. I noticed it after doing a clean and returning to eBay and finding I was still logged into eBay on IE11 , normally this worked fine and removes ALL cookies. Manually deleting temporary files in IE11 via Internet Options in Control Panel , General, Browsing history , Delete , worked fine and removed the sign in cookie . I have nothing on start up that uses IE11 that I know of and I do not get the IE needs to be closed dialogue ? After cleaning CCleaner shows the cookies have been removed in options / cookies , but if I close and restart CCleaner it shows them as there ? So maybe it is a bug/glitch ? I am not writing this to complain , merely to point out that I have the same issue , I love CCleaner and have done for a few years and run it on all my machines and have never been more than pleased with the results it gives.
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