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  1. Hi, So far, I love the capability of CCleaner cloud not only in cleaning but also events. So thanks! I have suggestion I would really appreciate. I have many computers and the use of groups is a great way to keep them straight. But, if Im working on a particular group and all the computers within the group there is no easy way to navigate from the computer UI, back to the group. This means that I have to go back to the computers, then open the group then select the next computer in the group I want to address. My suggestion: Add the group in the breadcrumb at the top of the Computer UI. I expect that this would take me back to the My Computers UI with the specific group selected in the breadcrumb expanded. This would certainly make me happy!
  2. Option to create "System restore point" ...

    If there is an option to install windows updates, and manage restore points. Then there should be an option to add a restore point. A bum windows update can be resolved with a simple system restore.