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  1. Hi! Can someone please help ! I lost some e-mail in my Office 365, and since I have purchased Recuva, I decided to try it out to find the lost e-mails. When I clicked on what I wanted to recover (lost e-mails), the program asked if I wanted to create a disk Image image, and I clicked OK. Then my computer went totally black and has remained so for over 12 hours. Using a new Dell top end computer XPS 8930 = 2 TB HD + 512 Gb SSD Drive (C), Intel i 7 processor, 16 GB Processor (very fast computer), and I am 100 % certain there is nothing wrong with the hardware. After 2 hours of no-life black screen - to try to get some kind of response - I tried to turn the computer off (several times) by keeping the power button in for over 10 seconds. The computer turns off but when starting, it again, the screen on/off button light indicates that it's on, but remains black (nothing happens; seems totally dead). Not sure if it is taking this long to create a back up image, but if so, I need to interrupt it because it is taking way too long and I have some urgent work I need to do. If anyone "out there" can please help to answer the following 2 questions, it would be highly appreciated! 1) What is happening? 2) How do I stop Recuva from doing what it is currently doing so that I can go back to work? / Hans