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  1. Uninstall an app as an administrator

    Power shell is the better option, Geek is great but the Power shell is more robust.
  2. One Drive app affected by CCleaner

    Just wondering if it is worth moving the registry button from the main side menu and placing it in the Tools menu, it's very tempting to click where it is...
  3. I recently bought the full pro bundle and am wondering if this includes the android app or not. I can't seem to find any way of logging in on the android app or entering my license key.
  4. Error connecting to publishing server

    I'll bump this as I just bought pro version and it's (still) not working.
  5. CCleaner 5.42.6495

    Same here, figured I'd find an answer somewhere, seem to remember it happening at least once before. Not sure why we can't choose filehippo or piriform for DL. Been using Piri for years, first time I've come to the forums, which goes to show how problem free their warez are in general.