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  1. No Software Updater in CCleaner

    I do confirm too. After having seen for one time this software update tool, I attempted to use it but it did not work (error + infinite refresh). Thereafter I rebooted my system, launches it with a /DEBUG parameter but the tool disappeared from the menu!!! (no more yellow dot). What makes me questioning how this is possible: the software version remained the same (5.55.7108) and there was no notification of an update... Or does the tool appears only if some required updates are detected? Ugly. I upgraded my other PC to version 5.55.7108 version, the update software tool was proposed in the menu on my other PC. I used it to perform the proposed updates and thereafter the tool disappeared from the menu!!!
  2. Hello, Are you still waiting for any answer from Piriform? I've the same issue for my monitors (2 out of 3 show Unsafe). WMIC reports no error and status OK. Looks like Piriform support is not really responsive.