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  1. When booted into safe mode, try restarting first from safe mode and see if safe mode will restore the FNTCACHE.dat so that Windows will boot up normally. However, if it doesn't then proceed to do a system repair as Doomelf has described above. I had the similar problem but restarting from safe mode might be the easiest solution for this before system repair. My post here.
  2. Thank you Andavari! I looked into the forum however I was having a difficult time finding a similar problem to mine. Looks like I will be sticking around for future patches. Thanks for the heads up!
  3. My windows version: Windows 10 Home x64 1803 (April Update) I have isolated a problem where CCleaner v5.42.6495 x64 will analyze and detect a file called FNTCACHE.dat in System32 folder as "junk". I then proceed to clean it and follow a reboot. During the reboot, the manufacturer logo will post (aka windows logo). But during this time windows fails to load and no welcome screen is shown, just a black screen after the manufacturer logo (no cursor or anything just plain black screen). The only solution I have found for this is booting into safe mode through F8. When in safe mode, I restart from safe mode normally where windows will boot again normally. When I check the System32 folder, the file FNTCACHE.dat is back. When I excluded the file FNTCACHE.dat from being scanned and cleaned, after proceeding a normal boot windows has no problem posting the welcome screen and windows starts up normally. Is there a reason behind this? For additional info, I also have Advanced System Care and ASC also detects FNTCACHE.dat as junk but when cleaned, it doesn't cause start up problems compared to when CCleaner cleans the file FNTCACHE.dat Is this a bug, I'm not sure... need help please!