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  1. I hope that it gets done as soon as possible. And, i hope that there is no power outrage here. I will keep my computer on till it is complete. At least, now i know that Recuva is still doing its work. Thank you.
  2. I actually have 2 hard drives, i use 250 GB SSD drive for my windows. My another drive is 2 TB in size. I use this drive most of the time for saving my work, videos, etc. I was having internet connectivity issues since past 5 days, so my recent changes never got sync with my one drive. I was going to install windows in my SSD, i usually format my drive before installing. But, i accidentally cleaned my 2 TB drive. I will never do a windows installation at late night ever again. My drive had only 200-300 GB of data. It is still stuck at 34% and its estimated time is 18 hours now. How long it might take for my 2 TB drive, considering, it only had 200-300 GB of data? Sorry, for not mentioning my hard drive capacity in my post. Thank you, Augeas.
  3. Is there anyway to filter and narrow down the deep scan? I just need 2 folders and they both are like 100 - 200 MB in size combined. It is still stuck at 34% and its estimated time is 16 hours now.
  4. Yesterday, i accidentally formatted my hard drive while installing Windows 10. I had a lot of important files in that drive. I have been trying to recover them by using Recuva, but due to some reason it always get stuck at 34%. It seems to do some work in background, but it has been like 2 hours without any progress. Estimated time went from 3 hours to 8 hours. Please help me. Thank you.