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  1. Cureit by DrWeb is a pretty good demand malware scanner for second opinions. Requires no install, runs from the download location. Last but not least (hopefully) Norton, notorious for being intolerant of other security apps, shouldn't have a hissy about it. Are there specific symptoms, or is it just the usual background paranoia, elevated a tad?
  2. I would. But I'm me and you're you. (Actually, I wouldn't install AVG, I'd use my own preference.) Why would you want to uninstall Norton? Are you unhappy with it? Subscription about to run out? Borked your OS? Those are the usual suspects.
  3. Tarq57


    How about trying Comodo's earlier version, 2.4? Seems to work well for me. I'm also using Threatfire as a behaviour blocker. Hardly any popups. If you can't find one that suits you, and end up continuing with the XP firewall, consider some kind of keyscrambler. There's an extension for Firefox that seems to work well. The current OA includes a full HIPS, so may not be to your liking.
  4. And should you uninstall the program without emptying the quarantine, (and answer "No"), the contents of the quarantine should be deleted along with the program. Re Spybot. Try re-installing it. See if you can control the tea-timer via the new installation. If so, disable it prior to uninstalling (if you choose to then uninstall it.) Generally, with quite a lot of programs, it's wise, and sometimes essential to turn them off/deactivate them prior to uninstalling.
  5. Not at all sure. Have a look at the downloaded program files in that account. Are there thousands? Can you browse the users' account from your sisters' admin account? Have you tried running the CCleaner reg cleaner?
  6. What checkbox items were ticked when you ran CCleaner, and did you do a "scan for issues" and fix any of those? More importantly, if you scanned for issues (registry cleaning) and fixed any, did you make (or let CCleaner make) a backup? If so, that would be a good place to start.
  7. Another that might well help, from the same company, is Rogue remover. Some names the files your AV detected, and perhaps a screenshot of the popup, might help. Some of these rogue programs are a right pain to remove.
  8. Just based on viewing the link to the AVG forum, and the other links within that post, friendly and helpful bunch, aren't they? So glad I use a different one.
  9. Exactly the same experience as Glenn when updating recently. mrgutts, you either got it wrong, or downloaded the wrong file. The option to not install the toolbar has been in the installer for every version I've used, over about three years.
  10. The programs you need to update can all be removed via "add remove programs" in the control panel, and then the latest versions downloaded/installed from the respective vendors. There are two common Secunia scans. The first, an online one. The second, by a program the user installs called Secunia PSI. If you use the former, no. If the latter, no also, but it will simplify the process considerably (not that it's that difficult) by offering semi-automatic "Download solution" icons in the program.
  11. Courtesy Secunia PSI: All earlier versions should be uninstalled. (In an ideal world, this would happen automatically when you installed the new version. Heck, most everyone else's programs do!) In another ideal world, the darned Java updater would actually do what it's supposed to and let you know a patched version is available before the decade ended. The number quoted above is the current version. I think (but am far from sure) that the presence of an earlier installed version may expose you to whatever vulnerability that it may have had.
  12. Tarq57


    Most likely a leftover reg entry from an uninstalled or updated program. Couple of links for you: found via Google Ditto Uninstalled or disabled any of the MS applications?
  13. Have to add Superantispyware to that list. Also MVPS hosts file, and Hostsman to manage same. Heartily endorse Secunia software inspector. A question: Does the Ewido micro scanner require a huge definitions update each time it's opened? (My download appears to do this, in a similar way to Cureit, but about 3 X the size.)
  14. 1) I don't know how many of them "end up" in the MFT. I assume all of them have some kind of reference within the MFT, at least until that is overwritten in the normal course of events. Selecting "secure delete all" (from a partition, not just the incomplete folder) results in a few entries unable to be deleted, because the MFT is where they were. 2) All the preview files tested were recoverable and viewable. Anything with a ZZ in the name (ie: without a file extension indicated, or an extension that reads ZZZ) are sometimes recoverable, but I haven't been able to view them in any of the applications selected (Windows picture and fax viewer, WMP, Media Player Classic, Notepad.) How do I find out "how many end up in the MFT"?
  15. Update. Installed (successfully) latest Recuva version. Played a round with it a bit (as you do) to work out what it does (or not), seems quite an effective application. Very nice. (Congrats.) So. Testing CCleaner, same method as earlier. Downloaded a few files to D:\Incomplete, using p2p. Some jpg/jpeg's, a mpg, a couple of mp3's. (with the p2p program, comes the opportunity to "preview" part downloaded files, I guess so you can check you're getting what you expect to. Previewed files are created in the same folder, and are, as suggested, incomplete versions of the full download. So for example, you'll get half a picture, or 1/4, or the first few seconds of video, or song etc.) Closed the p2p. Ran CCleaner. (7 pass.) Ran Recuva. All the previews of the files were able to be recovered, in excellent condition. All the others were ZZZZZ.ZZZ etc, recoverable but (apparently) not viewable. So that's where we're at. Haven't tested CCleaner with other files at all, such as temp. internet files etc, but the above test is proof to me that in some circumstances, Cceaner does not properly erase files. Hope that helps.
  16. 1 second. eh? Pretty effective website, that. The only way I know to erase a disk that rapidly is by hardware modification of same, with an instrument such as a hammer or large blowtorch.
  17. Hi, Augeas. (Very pleased to see that your priorities are similar to mine. Always pub first.) I don't have Recuva installed. Tried installing it 3 or 4 months ago, would not start at all, 'twas related to a known bug, according to the forum post I can't find at the mo, sorry. I use "Restoration" by Brian Kato. That's the program that has found the files mentioned. Also use "Eraser". (But wasn't in the test described.) I'll have to run some kind of test again, the contents of that folder have been repeatedly used or overwritten since the test. Have just downloaded the latest version of Recuva, assuming it works I'll try it all out as you suggest, get back, probably in a day, maybe 2. Is there a way of viewing the contents of the MFT? (and editing same)?
  18. Sorry if not clear. There were five files originally in the folder. A .DAT file, two entries for files selected that Limewire failed to connect to and thus download, a preview (or part downloaded) file, and the final fully downloaded version of same. (I had just selected a random word in the search terms, and selected 3 downloads at random, as a test.) Only the last two were selected to be restored. The preview, or part file (.jpg) was fully restored, the full one was "restored" as a non-viewable ZZZZ.ZZZ file. No other delete/erase method was used. The files were selected to be deleted (x7) by CCleaner only, and immediately following that (and CCleaner indicating in its report that the files had been deleted) Restoration was run, for the drive the folder is in. This is a preliminary test only, so not exhaustive at all, but indicative enough for me.
  19. There were two zero-byte files and a .dat file, which I didn't try to restore, a preview of a jpg, which was restorable, and the full version (complete) of same, which was the ZZZ file, and didn't display anything when restored and then opened.
  20. OK, tried it out, just downloaded something (a jpg) to "D:\Incomplete, ran the latest version of CCleaner, 7pass deletion, one of the files was fully recoverable. Another was listed as ZZZZ.ZZ, and not able to be read. That's the limit of the test so far. Is there a setting in the program that could be affecting its performance? How many others have experienced this? And I wonder how many unknowing users would find this occurring if they tested for it.
  21. Thanks for replying. Had not realized there was a new release, shall download and try it out.
  22. Malikor, how old is the text quoted, and how long since you've seen it updated? (The application or the webpage). SpywareTerminator works with 32bit Vista.
  23. Any news/progress/instructions or requests on this, please?
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