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  1. Heugh, yes, absolutely! I'm sure Microsoft will come through! And if they don't, maybe all the other after-market software makers will pick up the pieces. Again.
  2. Thanks for that. I think it's not only cookie handling...there is something about the way IE7 uses index data files to retain logon info, on the face of it. Anyone have any ideas/knowledge about this?
  3. Just downloaded CCleaner 1.35.424 hoping the problem with staying logged on to sites in IE7 might be resolved. Ticked "delete index.dat files", checked all cookies were whitelisted, ran the cleaner, all auto logons lost. Have to un-tick delete index dat files to stay logged on. Any comments? Any fixes planned?
  4. Tarq57

    CCleaner v1.35

    Will the new update sort out the "delete index.dat files" issue that has occured in IE7? Would quite like having the option to delete these, without having to then log on to sites anew each time.
  5. Have you tried altering the IE7 privacy settings and/or ticking the checkbox "overide automatic cookie handling"? I went through a bit of a troubleshoot on this one, and it's come right now. (See the other thread-staying logged on) But would like to be able to delete whatever i want to without having to go through it all again. You could try deleting all the cookies, incl whitelisted, and re-installing one by one. That's what I did. Can't comment on whether or not that was what did the trick. Not of itself, anyway.
  6. And after unticking "delete index dat" try restarting. Worked for me.
  7. I've found since installing IE7 that I can't stay logged on to websites. The workaround (for me) was to clear then reinstall and whitelist the relevant cookies (made a difference, but not for long) and (I think) the main thing is to disable "delete index dat files". This has worked. Too bad if I actually want to delete these files, which I will periodically, but I sure hope ms, or ccleaner can develop a fix.
  8. I am in exactly the same position as CobraWing. A search, and many posts on other forums pointed me in this direction. Although I prefer to think of it as a bug in IE7 rather than in CCleaner. No prizes for guessing who's going to end up releasing a new compatable version first, though! This discussion is also occurring on the Microsoft forums, so maybe it's not just a cc issue.
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