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  1. How to ignore deleted files?

    Normal scan detected nothing because of the format. Only started finding anything after I selected Deep Scan.
  2. I accidentally re-formatted my drive. I already scanned and recovered once with the free version, and in the interests of completeness I purchased pro (because I am happy with the software) and wanted to do another scan. Problem is I *know* that there are hundreds of thousands of deleted files on the drive. I don't care about those, I want to focus only on the lost files from the format. Problem is I can't find an option to ignore deleted files and so the scan is underway displaying "Stage 1 of 3: Scanning drive for deleted files" Is there a way to skip stage one and just look for non-deleted files? Thanks
  3. I used the free version of Recuva to find some files on a plug in WD My Book Home Edition that I had accidentally reformatted. It found everything (I think) but only on Deep Scan. The entire operation took 8 days to complete. I was so happy with how it went (apart from the slowness) that I elected to pay for the program. And figured I would do another scan with the Pro version, but selecting some optional tweaks. Using the Wizard I identify the drive (on my PC it is Local Disk J:) and select deep scan, find Images only and non-deleted. Hit start. Then I get the message "Unable to open drive" I was able to do it before with the free edition, and when I get to the advanced menu the J: drive is not showing. It does in the wizard. What am I doing wrong?
  4. Length of time for deep scan?

    What about files with J:\?\ in the path? Does this indicate the file was deleted or unknown folders?
  5. Length of time for deep scan?

    OK, recovery completed (in 75 hours 23 minutes and 41 seconds). Total of 67,396 files. 67,032 fully recovered 364 partials. Not worried about those, it was very apparent that there were many deleted files on the drive (because I was doing incremental backups to this drive older files were replaced) so anything overwritten was something I had no need for. Probably take another few days to sort out which ones are not needed, but looks like I recovered all the photos I lost. While slow, I can't say too much bad about the software. Except it would be nice if the recovered files didn't just get dumped into one big folder, it would be more helpful for them to be put in the original folder structure.
  6. Length of time for deep scan?

    Like I had a choice! I am just grateful we've had no power issues since I started...
  7. Length of time for deep scan?

    Latest update- now been 33 hours since I started the recovery operation. At the moment it is 39% complete, with 67,395 files recovered. Estimating 2 days remaining. I have spot checked maybe 25 files so far (a mixture of PDF and JPG) and not found any that were un-viewable. So that's good. Will report back in another day.
  8. Length of time for deep scan?

    OK, sometime overnight the scan finished. After 161 hours, 42 minutes and 25 seconds Recuva found 341,640 recoverable files in Excellent condition. I do not know what happened to the other 170,000 odd files it thought it found earlier. It is currently recovering them to a new drive. Many of the files were not needing to be recovered, but manually checking a couple hundred thousand boxes seems remarkably inefficient. I can sort them later. Guessing the recovery will take a while, after 5 minutes 830 files have been recovered and it is still calculating the estimated time remaining.
  9. Length of time for deep scan?

    I thought the extended time may have something to do with a combination of the drive having possible read/write errors AND me formatting it. I'll report back when it finishes, now at 91% and estimating 12 hours remaining. Has not reported any new files found since Thursday. madkwi
  10. Length of time for deep scan?

    It has now been 4 days, 11 hours. 86% and 515,984 files found. Estimated time left is 17 hours, but it has been saying that for the last 3 hours. So I am going to guess 2 days left to be on the safe side. Hope we don't have a power outage.
  11. Length of time for deep scan?

    OK, 24 hours later and it is now at 63%, 353,834 files found. So it has been running now for about 48 hours. Estimated time remaining says 1 day. Seems legit. Would there have been an easier (faster) way to do this? I guess the thing to do should have been to use the optional setting "Scan for non-deleted files" but too late now. But more importantly- is this still normal?
  12. I had a very bizarre issue with a Western Digital My Book Home 500 GB. I started getting I/O errors, and could not figure it out. Scandisk was unable to complete. I figured I would try re-formatting, and see if that helped, but purchased a new external drive just in case (drive was a backup destination for my desktop and my laptop, plugged into a router). It completed the quick format, reporting 465 GB available, but still had I/O errors. Wasn't until after I did the format that I discovered that somehow I had backed up a folder full of photos to the WD and then deleted them from the original hard drive. Whoops. Downloaded Recuva, found nothing on quick scan, started deep scan and seemed like it ran for about 2 minutes (0% complete) then showed it found 234 files but it could not actually save them anywhere. Was going to send the drive to Ontrack, but noticed that the WD power adapter was awfully warm, and that the leds on the drive would occasionally go out. So I found another adapter (wife also has the WD My Book) and... you can guess the rest. I tried re-running Recuva in quick mode, could not find anything, so I selected deep scan. Within an hour it was telling me it was 10% complete, and had found 102,xxx files. It also said it was going to take another 16 hours to complete. That was 24 hours ago, it is currently 39% complete, 103,694 files found. At 11pm last night (12 hours ago) it was 30%, same number of files. Estimated time left is currently 1 day. So how long should this take? The drive is plugged directly into my desktop (not the router), the drive itself is only USB 2.0 even though my PC is USB 3.0 and if I had to guess the drive had about 280 GB on it when the mishap occurred. Possibly the 103,694 files are all the ones that were on there. If I hit cancel on the scan now will it let me recover the 103K files it already found or will it go back to the main menu? Appreciate any help or advice.