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  1. I'm a newbie here, but have been using CC Cleaner for years on all my devices -- luv it! NOW, I'm trying to install it on a new Dell Inspiron 5567 with Windows 10 Home - 64-bit, BUT get the same phrase as noted in this thread -- "This App can't run on this PC" !!!! What's UP?! My wife thought it was time for me to move forward with both a newer laptop and Windows, BUT I'm becoming more and MORE FRUSTRATED with this Windows 10 crap!!! Is there anyway around this or has Microsoft made it impossible to use CC Cleaner with "their" software -- getting as bad as Apple!!!! AND I'm NOT an Apple person -- avoided it for things just like this! I downloaded the latest CC Cleaner today 13 Feb 18, opted for it to "RUN" when finished downloading... and 3 times now I've gotten the same ol' window -- "This App can't run on this PC"! Thanks!