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  1. I do use the Pro version. If the "Run CCleaner when computer starts" option is checked, then you're right - the browser monitoring starts. However, it also does a cleaning activity during boot, which is typically very slow (and others have complained about that as well). I don't want that. If I want a scan, I will do it manually. But I do want the browser monitoring, which doesn't slow up anything, to be started during boot up. So I want an option which can start the monitoring without also including the initial boot cleaning i.e. load rather than run.
  2. I (and apparently many others), find that selecting the "Run at Startup" Option very significantly slows down boot time, so I leave it unchecked. I suggest that an additional option "Load at Startup" would be very helpful. My most common use is for "Browser Monitoring", and I do want CCleaner loaded with Windows, but definietly do not want to increase my boot time.