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  1. Defraggler take too long

    Thanks! That fixed it for me as well! I thought that 24 hours for defragging a 2TB disk was a bit long =)
  2. Does this application support SSD drives?

    Thanks for the reply!
  3. Does this application support SSD drives?

    Hey! I had the same question. After analyzing my SSD (C:drive), it states my drive is 40% defragged. Should I use the defragger then, or leave it? My windows 10 is set to do weekly maintainence, but the disc is a few years old. Or is defragged SSD not a problem? Thanks! --Kurnn
  4. Wipe Free Space on SSD discs?

    Thank you kindly for the fast response! I found your defrag tool and using that right now. I didn't really see windows defrag doing much, and didn't know you guys had one! This question is now Answered awesomely! --Kurnn
  5. Hi there! First, thanks for a fantastic product! I have been using it since forever and it has solved more problems then I can count. I have a question regarding the "Wipe Free Space" feature. Is it safe to use that on a SSD drive? I get a warning when I try to. Thanks again! --Jonas, The Swedish Goth