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  1. I'm sending this email to CC Cleaner(Piriform) support site as getting any help from FireFox seems impossible. Just recently (week or so), without making any changes to the FireFox browser ver 58.0.1 and CC Cleaner (Piriform) ver 5.39.6399. (64 bit) , I have noticed that a browser file shows a very large number of entries. All of which, seem to be very similar, except for the number of them. I have also noticed that a similar issue was in this forum in "08". I really don't know if it's a FF or a CC issue. The attachments shows what has been coming up, following a normal few hours or less of being online, i.e. news reading, emailing and general surfing. I usually run CC Cleaner after every session except if I'm online more then once for short sessions. I find this as part of the daily cleaning routine....I use Firefox 98% of the time that I am online - What I see is; Internet Cache (numbers are approximate and change a little with each cleaning, something like) 345,537 KB 1,428 files...... the total CC file is also attached ....it is a text file CC clean daily.txt. ........ I hope this is not confusing, as I would like to know if there is a problem and how to correct this issue. I want to also know if this is something I've done or if it's an issue with FF or CC Cleaner. My PC is 2 yrs old, running Win 10, latest version, and is up to date in all areas. If more information is needed about (PC, Browser, Virus and Malware software), I will be glad to supply or (try to). Thank you for responding to this question, even though the issue may not be yours. Again, Thank You, S Rubin cc clean daily.txt cc clean2.txt
  2. My mistake, I just check and my version is 5.39.6399. (64 bit). Very sorry for the mistake, thanks. stanrubin