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  1. Police harrassment

    My local police dept. made up a bogus excuse to drag me out of my home yesterday and while I was gone they were on my computer. I know because they stupidly left my computer turned on and they put one of my stick drives in and left it. I'd like to find out what they were doing, and if they used the internet. It appears they deleted the browser history. Is there any way to find out what they were doing? And, I'd really like to find out if they used an email account of their own on my computer to email anything from my computer to themselves. I need this information because I'm filing a complaint and will very likely file a law suit. There was invasion of privacy, illegal search, and false arrest, or something to that effect. A retired cop friend of mine said the entire incident was inappropriate. if anyone can help me out, please do. I used Recuva and there were no files at all from yesterday. Also, they may have hacked my computer, last night someone was listening...when I was away from the computer there was a squeal as from a microphone and then I heard a voice, briefly. I ran over to my computer and said "hello, Hello", but of course no one answered. I contacted the FCC and the FTC, they confirmed that was hacking.