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  1. Internet connection?

    This is expected behavior with the latest versions. CC gathers some usage statistics and sends it home. Confirmed with CC support. If this is bothering you, you can block it with a firewall rule.
  2. Cannot enable IDM integration extension

    Such behavior would most likely suggest incompatibility of that extension with the newest FF version. CC only reads browser configs and shows the current 'state of affairs.'
  3. Winapp2.ini additions

    Hey guys. Since you've decided to do an overhaul of winapp2, here's a suggestion: Do you think you could group Games rules all together like you did with browser rules? Kinda makes sense to separate them from apps. Thanks for your efforts and keep up the good work!
  4. CCleaner 'Flags'

    This was previously asked here: The switch /AUTORB is used when running the program from the Recycle Bin context menu; /AUTOJL is used for the Jump List context menu. Both seem to have the same functionality as /AUTO, i.e. run CC in background without prompting the user.
  5. In ccleaner.ini what is GD= for?

    Looks like the unique id the program generates and sends to piriform server along with usage statistics.
  6. That's how the program stores your settings for Disk Analyzer and Monitoring Notifications.