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  1. Not clearing history

    It seems history cleaning in edge is broken again in the latest version
  2. update download problem

    Downloaded the correct version for me
  3. Not cleaning all Edge cookies

    Reinstalled but same issue, only since the last windows update
  4. It seems CCleaner has stopped cleaning all cookies on Edge Windows 10 since the last windows 10 update.
  5. Not cleaning all Edge cookies

    this definitely coincides with the windows 10 update though which was after that topic was started but yeah seems lots with problems It isn't seeing all the cookies since the windows update either which is why it won't be deleting some I guess very odd
  6. Not cleaning all Edge cookies

    Doesn't work for this. I can reboot and it still happens. Some cookies get deleted some don't! Never happened before
  7. Nevermind I solved it. It takes about 2 mins after closing the browser to be able to see them which is a bit different than it was with chrome lol. I switched to edge and since cookies do not show under settings as you can see. Any ideas why?
  8. This is really bugging me too. Shouldn't have to dismiss the message every single time

    Really need to be able to dismiss this constant intrusive message
  10. Intrusive CCleaner pop-up.

    I really don't need to see this pop up EVERY TIME I open the app....
  11. I agree 100% piriform haven’t even said anything and there are a lot of unhappy people.
  12. Privacy

    +1 as I won't be using ccleaner if this is how it's going with sneaky privacy stuff like this heartbeat crap
  13. I hate this heatbeat monitoring. Also hate it is not clear it is doing it other than reading the changelog! I want to be able to turn it off
  14. Unable disable monitoring in 5.45.6611

    Same here, don't want monitoring (nor the secret heatbeat stuff either!)
  15. CCleaner Tray Icon

    You disable monitoring and the icon still says it's monitoring. I want to get rid of this icon and monitoring!
  16. Build 5.45.6611

    Same. No way to turn it off either....
  17. Intrusive CCleaner pop-up.

    this pop up is much too intrusive!!
  18. Stop asking if we want to...

    That pop up is much too intrusive! Get rid pease!
  19. This happened again to me with the newest version!! So annoying! I installed the update maybe 15 mins after turning on my computer and used the custom install
  20. I had avast installed even after checking there was no boxes checked