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  1. Hi, I have a customer who uses CCleaner and is having trouble with my website. She uses IE6 with SP2 and has intermittent problems with a javascript popup calendar on our asp.net website. Most of the time the calendar does not pop up and occaisionally it does. Normally with intermittent problems like this I would suggest clearing the cache, but she has told me that she uses CCleaner and apparently clears it every evening with this. I use exactly the same browser build # as she does and the calendar works perfectly every time for me. I also have not had any similar reports from anyone else. We have over five thousand members and if this was a general issue I would have expected someone else to have it as it is a very common browser. I was wondering if CCleaner may have cleaned something else that can be making active content or javascript to be functioning intermittently like this. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. Gay
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