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  1. Anyone else having problems updating?

    I certainly hope so. I had a similar experience with AVG anti-virus. I used it for years, if not decades for free, and the moment I purchased it I had nothing but problems. I bought and used the AVG SpeedUp app and at first I thought it was amazing...until I try to uninstall it. :(. I'm glad I'm back on track with CCleaner Pro...but I'm still holding my breath! ((((and turning blue!!!!))))))
  2. Anyone else having problems updating?

    Oddly enough, I didn't change anything in my settings and it just starting working again. I wish I had a better answer as to why I am able to update now but if anything else comes up, I will be sure to post it here on this thread.
  3. Anyone else having problems updating?

    Ahhhhh!!!! That just might be it! I'm in my settings and I see my name as being registered to for the Professional Edition of CCleaner copyright 2005-2017 Piriform Ltd, but I don't see my purchase date. Is there somewhere I can find that info? If it did expire, man....that was a FAST year! Vic out
  4. Just tried clicking on 'Check for updates' and said that a new version of CCleaner is available. I have 5.35.6210 and available is 5.37.6309. I clicked YES and got the following error message. CCleaner Update. CCleaner could not be updated. Ox2efd: A connection with the server could be not be established. Purchase, Register, or Cancel. That's it for now. Any questions or suggestions?