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  1. New "Incorrect Function"

    I'm going to guess that this is as far as this post will get. The storage drive has only one partition, and it's formatted to Ext3 - the permissions seem OK Still "Unable to scan drive"
  2. New "Incorrect Function"

    Recuva v1.53 is installed on a Windows 7 PC The drive is ext3 "Recuva v1.51 is ready to download! This release sees a number of improvements to our file system support, including the addition of Ext2 and Ext3 support and improvements to the deep scan algorithm for FAT32 volumes."
  3. I have a 2TB disk with a single ext3 partition attached to a Windows PC via USB. The host can see the /home directory and all sub-directories. The drive lost all content in the 'Videos' directory - I don't know how or why but all other content is visible and available. Recuva 1.53 is installed on the Windows 7 host, it installed without issue, I run the application as admin. The scan starts but immediately halts with F::Incorrect Function It progressed no further than 0%. How can I scan this Linux drive ?
  4. Incorrect Function

    Still nothing ? I know it's a generic error but some help in getting a viable error report would be appreciated.
  5. Incorrect Function

    And you can add my name to the list ? I'd have a look at the logs but can't see where they are written.