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  1. This happened to me, too, with an installation of CCleaner. When I noticed the Avast icon on my laptop, I simply went to the control panel and deleted it, after filling out their questionnaire about why I was deleting, etc. Not a lot of trouble, only took a minute or two.
  2. Got a new account

    OK, clears that up. In my excitement at being able to download and install 5.37 I neglected to notice that I also installed a free Avast. I just must learn to read before acting. I did get it uninstalled, however, and am happy with the antivirus I have now.
  3. Got a new account

    For some reason when I tried to sign in to the Forum yesterday I kept getting the message that the user name I had displayed was non-existent..... I could find where to have my password given to me in case I had forgotten it, but no where for display name. So I went ahead today and opened a new account and hope this stay OK. BTW, was able to download and install 5.37 today, too. Looks like it is going to be a good day.