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  1. Only Avast/Piriform can answer that. The company was made aware last October.
  2. Still no fix from Avast/Piriform as far as 1809 goes.
  3. Software Updater in free version?

    Certainly not a big hoop to jump through but why should anyone have to do it? CCleaner is a junk cleaner and it's becoming a bloated mess.
  4. Software Updater in free version?

    @nukecad -- As you can see, Software Updater has just returned after being gone for approximately 24 hours. And, by the way, I now have all of those extra registry entries for the trial features you mentioned above. This nonsense is getting tiring.
  5. Software Updater in free version?

    I've seen a couple of references to the registry keys elsewhere on the forums. As they are not present on my computer, and Software Updater is now also gone, I'm happy as I want nothing to do with it. Of course, no one should do anything in the registry unless they really know what they're doing. And, as has been repeatedly said in the forums numerous times, users should not have to jump through hoops and do all sorts of mish-mosh to get a program to work.
  6. Software Updater in free version?

    Personally, I'd be perfectly happy if I never see the Software Updater again in my FREE version. Don't want it, don't need it. My programs either update by themselves or they notify from the program itself. From what I've read elsewhere on these forums, the updates reportedly come from FileHippo.
  7. Software Updater in free version?

    Updated to CCleaner 5.55 BEFORE the Windows Updates. However, as of 5 minutes ago, Software Updater is now MISSING from my CCleaner tools section. Another behind-the-scenes event.
  8. Software Updater in free version?

    Windows 10, 1809, fully patched including all of this month's updates. OS build is 17763.379 which is the latest.
  9. Software Updater in free version?

    @nukecad -- For what it's worth, I still have the Software Updater on my Free version (standard installer), although there's nothing under either tab. Not bothering with another screenshot right now, it still looks like the one I posted yesterday.
  10. Software Updater in free version?

    Honestly, I don't know what to think at this point. It would be beneficial to hear from Piriform.
  11. Software Updater in free version?

    Very strange. As you can see, I still have it.
  12. Software Updater in free version?

    @nukecad -- I am very much concerned about the questions you are raising and agree an explanation is needed. Is the Software Updater physically gone from the tools section of your CCleaner Free version? Mine still has it.
  13. Software Updater in free version?

    Good to know. It's worth a try. Thanks!
  14. Software Updater in free version?

    @nukecad -- Thanks for explanation. Last night, the Updater in the Free version was showing error 26. In another post somewhere on the forum this morning, Piriform blamed that on a server problem which was reportedly fixed. Now, things are changing behind the scenes (which I greatly detest) and I get the feeling the entire program is turning into one massive mess. I dumped CCleaner last October out of frustration but decided recently to give it another chance. I'm starting to regret it.