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  1. As of this writing, my neighbor and I have had 5.58 installed for 18 hours. So far, so good. I will report back if there are any issues.
  2. For the first time since this thread started, my Easy Clean has disappeared. Hopefully the expected fix will work. EDIT: Easy Clean came back on its own 6 hours after I posted.
  3. Quick point of interest. My neighbor's Easy Clean disappeared again this morning. I told her a fix will be coming. My Easy Clean has never vanished.
  4. Thanks for the update. And, by the way, my neighbor's Easy Clean, which disappeared last Saturday (the second time) came back this morning. I'll let her know a fix is coming.
  5. It doesn't appear to be a Windows thing. It's something in CCleaner and the devs probably have to sort it out. Now, as far as my neighbor is concerned, her Easy Clean disappeared for the second time on Saturday. As of this writing, it's still gone. Mine is still there and has never vanished.
  6. @nukecad-- Thanks for info and I'll relay it to my neighbor. If her Easy Clean comes back by itself like it did the first time, I'll post again. As stated above, my Easy Clean is always there and has never disappeared.
  7. My neighbor and I do not use the registry cleaner. However, we both have Windows 10 and last week there were several cumulative updates in advance of 1903 which we both got on the 21st. Her Easy Clean disappearance occurred both before and after 1903 installation and like I said, mine never disappeared. So, I doubt it's a Windows thing (but who knows?). I'm leaning toward a bug since Dave CCleaner said it has been reported before. No custom tweaks in the registry cleaner and no block in Windows hosts files.
  8. Happened to my neighbor twice. First time, a couple of days ago. Easy Clean was gone. Came back the next day. And, it just happened again right now for the second time. She doesn't like the feature so she doesn't care if it comes back or not. Probably eventually will. What's strange is that we have essentially the same computers, both always have internet access and we both use the latest free version of CCleaner. My Easy Clean has never vanished on its own. Go figure.
  9. Done deal. Again, many thanks!
  10. @hazelnut and @Andavari -- Many thanks for responding. Everything I read says users of S mode are restricted to the Microsoft Store apps. My friend wants to use S mode so she won't be able to use CCleaner on that machine.
  11. Hello all. A friend is getting an HP laptop that'll be using Windows 10 in S Mode. She's currently using CCleaner Slim on her desktop and I know that cannot be installed on an S Mode operating system. Does anyone know if CCleaner Portable on a USB stick will work or is she limited to the built-in Windows cleaning tools? Any information appreciated.
  12. Not only when opening CCleaner, I get it whenever I restart my computer as well.
  13. New twist in the CCleaner FREE Software Updater saga. First -- it's there, goes missing and in some cases (like mine) comes back, all without any user intervention as mentioned by @nukecad above this post. Second -- if you do try to run it in FREE version, it doesn't work but you're asked to upgrade to PRO version. Now the latest -- just restarted my computer and immediately got a pop-up in the notification area advertising the new feature and to upgrade to the PRO version (for a special price).
  14. @Dracman -- As I have Windows 10 Home, GP is out and I will not go to the registry. What I've been doing is cleaning Edge from within the browser (settings>privacy & security>browsing data). When I run CCleaner, I'll get the pop-up to close Edge, do that, and then CCleaner will skip some items. I can live with it. Piriform has to come up with the solution -- if there is going to be one. Also note -- some posters have reported that opening and then closing Edge has occasionally worked better for CCleaner. I haven't noticed any difference.
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