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  1. Oh, sorry. I forgot to write the most important information - the issue doesn't depend on CC version - I reinstalled it a couple of times and cleared all data (the software works only once after each install) - now it's 5.36.6278, but the problem started some time ago. Running on win 10. I am not able to download the current portable version from Piriform website (it's redirecting to homepage instead of starting download process), but I've found a bit older version somewhere else and it's working fine.
  2. Hello, I've been using CCleaner for a long time, but I've got problems with it during last month. I've got the software installed in C:\Program Files\CCleaner. They are visible here. But as I try to run the program, I got "Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file" alert. I checked the folder permisions, but they are ok. On file permission both System and Admin are set as "full controll". BTW, I've got access to CCUpdate and uninst exe files, so it seems, that only "Ccleaner.exe" and "Ccleaner64.exe" are blocked. I cannot run debug via console. As CCleaner had some security problems in September, I thought, that maybe it is blocked by my antivirus (Avast), but the files are blocked, even if I turn off the Avast. I also don't get any antyvirus alerts during my attempts. What is interesting, is that I can reinstall CCleaner and it works, but only once. If I want to open it once more, I got the alert... Did anybody had similar problems with CC? Are there any other steps, I can try? Thank you. --- Edit: CC version is 5.36.6278, but it started with earlier ones. Running on Windows 10.