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  1. Have you tried using Options > Exclude ?
  2. v 5.57

    Thank you for the translation amendments. You can set the language of the installer in the drop-down menu. Software Updater performs no activity unless you click on the 'Software Updater' button.
  3. ccleaner.ini settings not being honored

    Hi this should be working correctly if you've added the settings and values you mentioned above to the ini file, and the ini file is in the same directory as the executable you use to run CCleaner. If you have a custom path, you need to put it in the same custom directory. If you have multiple instances, you need to have one ini file present for each instance you wish to automate. Note that you may have read/write restrictions on the default install directory, which is /.../Program Files
  4. CCleaner 5.54 not detecting or deleting cookies

    Hey guys we're fixing this issue at present and aim to release a fix in a Beta version next week.
  5. Software Updater in free version?

    Hey guys, Thanks for the feedback. We recognise that for some there are privacy, bandwidth consumption and usability concerns here. Next week we'll be putting out a Beta version with the Software Updater moved to the second slot so accessing the Tools menu doesn't always perform a check. This change will make it into a full release in April.
  6. Last CCleaner v5.54.7088 window not resizing.

    This hasn't eluded us.
  7. Bug? Misuse? Missing feature?

    I would strongly advise against tampering with the Windows.old folder. Windows is now designed to programatically test apps and drivers after an update and automatically fall back to legacy drivers where needed. Once this process has concluded, Windows will also clean up after itself. This is certainly true for Windows 10, but I'm not sure how far back that functionality may have been retrofitted. A word of caution: if you remove Windows update files without fully understanding what they are needed for, you may create serious problems for you and your PC. There are usually better options if saving space is your goal.
  8. Browser pop-up ad for CCleaner upon startup

    CCleaner doesn't force a homepage change. That page will display if you finish a manual install and choose to see the release notes for the installed version. That should happen once per install and no more. Try changing the homepage in your browser (it looks like Chrome): https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95314?hl=en-GB
  9. Last CCleaner v5.54.7088 window not resizing.

    Hi Keith, we appreciate the feedback but please remember to keep your comments in line with the forum guidelines and free from personal attack. If your laptop supports a resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher then CCleaner can be displayed fully. When we increased the windows sieze, we decided not to clear the existing settings for the position of the CCleaner. However from your comments and others', it's clear that in the minority of cases this may place parts of the window out of view for some users. To solve this, either uninstall and reinstall CCleaner (this wipes all your settings, including your Cookies), or if you feel confident using the Registry Editor, delete the WINDOW_ keys only from 'Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Piriform\CCleaner'. The latter will keep all other settings intact. Unfortunately CCleaner was built a long time ago and at that time 'responsive design' (having the layout rearrange gracefully to accommodate different window sizes and dimensions) was not a consideration. It is something we are working towards but it requires some bigger changes under the hood. I hope this solution works for you and others, but please let us know if it doesn't. Thanks.
  10. More info on Software Updater required

    We filter out some software from that list.
  11. Some software will prepare an update in the background but only apply it after you restart the software or your machine. This may explain the discrepancy.
  12. Software Updater in free version?

    You can see it in Free, but you can only use it by starting a trial (just click on Update). That is Windows Media Player. The name is displaying incorrectly and is in the process of being changed.
  13. Browser pop-up ad for CCleaner upon startup

    Yes, we'd appreciate a screenshot.
  14. CCleaner ccsetup554 installation not in English

    If your installer launches in a non-English language, and it is not the language of your operating system - do not complete the installation. The installer is not ours.
  15. [RESOLVED] Software Updater in CCleaner v5.55.7108

    Hi Mike, I've sent you a private message regarding this. It should be resolved now. I'll close this thread.
  16. Last CCleaner v5.54.7088 window not resizing.

    The previous app resolution supported a minimum screen size of 800 x 600 pixels. The norm now is 1366 x 768, which has more than twice the number of pixels. CCleaner has very data-dense output and the results window is not big enough to show a good amount of data (especially filenames). We wanted to be able to dedicate more space to this information so fewer user actions are required to review a cleaning report. Before choosing what new size to move to, we consulted global data for desktop screen resolutions. Below you can see the proliferation of larger screen resolutions over the years. We increased the CCleaner app window to fit within a resolution of 1024 x 768, which is used by approx. 5% of the world. While CCleaner does occupy a lot of the screen at this resolution, all the content is still visible.
  17. Anyone else having problems updating?

    When the certificate expired we changed the entity that signs the certificate to a slightly different company name. The automatic update performs a check against this name and because it changed, it failed. To resolve this, and due to the concerns of having users on expired security certificates, we performed an emergency update that automatically updated users to the version with the valid certificate. If you have disabled the emergency update executable, this update would not have been performed and you'd be caught in an update loop as you describe. The solution is to manually update to the latest version by downloading it from our website: https://download.ccleaner.com/slim/ccsetup554_slim.exe If you download the Free version it will automatically upgrade itself to Pro if it detects a valid license.
  18. Last CCleaner v5.54.7088 window not resizing.

    You may be able to resolve this by deleting the following registry keys in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Piriform\CCleaner WINDOW_HEIGHT WINDOW_LEFT WINDOW_MAX WINDOW_TOP WINDOW_WIDTH This will regenerate the defaults and should leave space for a single-height taskbar along the horizontal or vertical at 1024x768 resolution. We didn't want to reset these keys as this would wipe all users' size preferences, and only a small fraction could be affected adversely as you have been.
  19. [RESOLVED] Slow launch

    Please could you use an app like https://www.passmark.com/products/apptimer.htm to record how long it's taking CCleaner to launch to an interactive state? If Smart Cleaning is enabled, please ensure that CCleaner is closed from both the system tray icon and the main window. When I run this*, CCleaner v5.54.7088 launches in 0.0270s. * Launching CCleaner64.exe using a system with Windows 10 Enterprise, i7-7600 CPU, 16GB RAM & SSD storage @ 10-15% CPU usage, 52% memory usage.
  20. Not permited in current location problem

    Yes, this trend is likely to continue as the stock of IPv4 addresses is depleted. Bring on IPv6!
  21. ccupdate10.cab requests after uninstall

    How was the uninstallation performed? Was the CCleaner uninstaller used, or was this done in some other way?
  22. Not permited in current location problem

    Hi SPTR, It does appear that the ISP has purchased IP addresses that previously were registered in Iran. In order for these to be updated. Some Geolocation services are faster at doing this. I can look into this from our side, but I would stress to your ISP that this is something they can be handling proactively when they migrate these IP addresses after purchase, by contacting major Geolocation services to inform them of the new designation. This is especially important when the US and UK markets have active trade embargoes for certain countries (Iran being one of them), and that extend to digital products.
  23. How do I Stop New Feature Pop-Up

    Hey guys, The message you describe has a cap and should not be displayed again once you've seen it. However, if you do not permit cookies from our parent company, Avast, we are unable to detect if you have been shown the message before or not. This post summarises how this works: To avoid these messages from being shown perpetually, either reset the Cookies to Keep list, or add the following entry to the Cookies to Keep list: "*.avast.com"
  24. Feature Previews on v5.48.6834

    We still plan to include an opt-out for feature previews in the future.
  25. CCleaner Pro Pop Up

    Context is everything. It is defining if a link is opened by the default browser or by CORRECTION Internet Explorer (for compatibility reasons), hence 'CCleaner shouldn't do anything with it' if it should be left to the browser to open it. It's just for debugging so I wouldn't read too much into it.