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  1. Thank you for reporting. Andavari has also noticed a second text-to-speech extension is resetting after a clean: We are investigating.
  2. Overreach

    Thank you for reporting. Andavari has also noticed a second text-to-speech extension is resetting after a clean: Our developers will investigate.
  3. Ccleaner not cleaning youtube cookies?

    This will be fixed in this month's release. Note that we can only clean viewing history for users who are not logged into a Google account.
  4. Add option for traditional Advanced Results page

    Hey guys, This is basically what we're working on for the May release. You'll have the option to default your cleaning results to one of three options: Simple (the simplified 'Cleaning Summary') Advanced (as it used to be by default) Complete (full list of files)
  5. Improvements in interface and functionality

    We have been working on this internally but have trouble making it work correctly if you want to select multiple files and then perform this action on all of them (the technical reason is too complicated to summarise). Can I ask you and others on this board what your preference is between: Right-click context menu support for secure deletion 'soon', but only for single files at a time? Right-click context menu support for secure deletion 'much later', but for both single files and also multiple-files at a time?
  6. Add option for traditional Advanced Results page

    Hey guys, none of this is change for change's sake. CCleaner has been developed and recommended for more than 10 years now and is a very 'broad church'. If you ask the average person what a 'cookie' or a 'thumbnail cache' is they simply won't know, yet the Advanced Report showed the cleaning results in these terms. We believe (very strongly, in fact) that everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of a clean PC. The design of the user interface will undergo change and we will be bold. If you do not like a change, simply let us know. The most effective way to get your point across is to explain what about a change makes your experience with CCleaner less pleasurable/productive/easy. In the meantime, please keep the feedback coming. We are always listening!
  7. Add option for traditional Advanced Results page

    Hey guys, Thank you all for your feedback. This is the first of many improvements designed to make the application more accessible to those who use it. CCleaner has a wide audience that comprises, on the one hand, users with very high computer literacy and, on the other hand, those who use their computers regularly but do not possess (or require) a technical understanding of operating systems, web browsers and other software. We'll add in an option for setting your preferred view for cleaning results soon so you can control the level of detail.
  8. 5.41.6446 update

    Try closing the application (including from the System Tray) and relaunching CCleaner.
  9. 5.41.6446 update

    Hi LenP, Please can you tell us which version of CCleaner you are running? (and which edition, e.g. 'Free', 'Professional', etc.)
  10. Version 5.41 adds various cookies for AVAST

    Hi mogli, TL;DR - we use it to avoid inundating you with messages you're not interested in and to improve the product experience. We use a system from our parent company, Avast, to deliver dynamic content, such as the 'CCleaner Pro upgrade' message and the CCleaner Product Tips. When you see one of these messages, a cookie is left behind. This helps us to avoid sending you sales messages over and over again, and it also allows us to run A/B tests that help us to understand which messages are more effective. For example, we have 4 different Product Tips that are designed to help users to explore the Browser Extensions Manager. The cookies mark when someone has seen one of the variants and helps us understand which Product Tip explanation is most effective at guiding users to this feature. We will be using the dynamic messaging system extensively in future releases to help us run tests for the UI. Just be aware that if you clean these cookies you will see certain messages with much greater frequency than if the cookie was there. For this reason these cookies have been whitelisted by default. You can manage this in the 'Cookies to Keep' list of the Options > Cookies menu.
  11. 5.41.6446 update

    Hey guys, this should be fixed. It may take work instantly or it may take 30 minutes or so to propagate. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  12. CCleaner v5.41

    File Verification Please find below the MD5 and SHA-256 file hashes for verification purposes. CCleaner Installers ccsetup541.exe - CCleaner Free installer MD5: 29cb27674e3db6e1fbd9bc8f99ace45f SHA256: d6fe8435a84858669ca04384595e5fdf7c7543a6d5f5198887a7b53852aecabf ccsetup541_pro.exe - CCleaner Pro installer MD5: b8ee8e0aaf8305540b9418eef31f304b SHA256: 0d62d089a193301a35fb5ccde7fd8eca1add5634a226b8372e3639668415411d ccsetup541pro.exe - CCleaner Pro Trial installer MD5: ca1ecf383d745e85fb24bdeb736841d7 SHA256: f1c14b974d86f5fe2d418eda0d137e4387892a07674f21d0e6e4ee90e2469201 ccsetup541_te.exe - CCleaner Technician Edition installer MD5: f88980e24de4b15d671322345ec79f85 SHA256: 8fe4a67e6af94450a504720e17ca7712fc57be11f672067af6f64d23001ef1e3 ccsetup541.zip - CCleaner Portable (zipped) MD5: 3ca655b3dada35e6a8864c76c7d1ed43 SHA256: ee6620cf949fe00db6c01e57781efb9f174f6d87f8c117a70fc30a69345c3bdd ccsetup541_slim.exe - CCleaner Free (slim installer) MD5: e76312f731b0394fad4f827ba35fd666 SHA256: 19a4cba36ac4cd96444b20fc294c516773e06df40f590fefeaa0d9a27faed88c ccsetup541_be.exe - CCleaner Business Edition installer MD5: edd5dfaaaaf2df9456b4541e758ae862 SHA256: e87b8613f308ad59f6e041bd2f5bde78f5a5bbce2296adbcda0fdff6232644fe ccsetup541_be_trial.exe - CCleaner Business Edition Trial installer MD5: c8e9059e7e44aa04d8a930baa74a2028 SHA256: 3a322e049765809616aac519ea68bb93486b437ecb6a3d9a4c49ebcd2b72ea3f ccsetup541_x64_be.msi - CCleaner Business Edition 64-bit MSI installer MD5: 09053978ac3c94784dd064553da1a63c SHA256: ee8d439270db041bf92bfa4a181e6c59e4f4e0f9dfd0f4aa2515f5aa753b9fe8 ccsetup541_x86_be.msi - CCleaner Business Edition 32-bit MSI installer MD5: 5fecd8a6517e614df3521c03144aacc7 SHA256: 3c238f8e9b5838b9a3480ae1e2cf43c860a735726efd0958c0aa68b333a7dffc CCleaner Application Executables CCleaner.exe - CCleaner 32-bit binaries MD5: 7c7aade4b748de3c3e93eddb1b84219c SHA256: e5e74204f06345413409316574e1f1277261435ca33998a70a7462cc8ab98133 CCleaner64.exe - CCleaner 64-bit binaries MD5: db9d9c1921ccd94a40c04a37be79be44 SHA256: 883a7cd7bc3427df146e11edd897a73598f8365139ea81dd730dc26fc2de97d4 CCUpdate.exe - CCleaner Emergency Updater MD5: a1a819068fd68bbb27c0c994f2400606 SHA256: e87aba8f9573b1e051c9c70ded397687649d5d04be247945d8638818a6446885
  13. CCleaner and Estonian language

    Hi ProPaan, We are integrating these translations now. Thanks again for volunteering!
  14. Update-Error 0x2f07 on Windows Server

    We're aware of this workaround, but we don't recommend it because that warning is very important for security and should only be disabled by those that fully understand the risks involved to their home network security.
  15. Bitdefender just removed this ccleaner trojan!

    Actually even the installer file will trigger this. The compromised version 5.33 of CCleaner does not need to be installed. To the OP, please read this thread for a fuller picture of this unique security incident: