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  1. Can't delete duplicate files

    Is your D: drive an SSD? Do you have the 'Secure Deletion setting enabled in Options > Settings?
  2. CCleaner pro download link

    Hi Satoshi, if you contact our Support Team we can provide you these links for the paid products.
  3. CCleaner Sloooow

    Thanks. Are you using the Secure Deletion or Wipe Free Space Drives in Options > Settings ?
  4. Update-Error 0x2f07 on Windows Server

    Are you also running Server 2016 or another version of Windows Server?
  5. CCleaner not cleaning Chrome cookies again

    Firefox is a separate issue (this topic was about Chrome), but we have not had any reports of cookie cleaning not working in the latest version of Firefox (version 58). I do know that cookie storage was changed between Firefox 55 and the latest version, so make sure your Firefox is fully up to date. You need to be very careful that Firefox is fully closed before you run the installer. Most of the time you download the Updater from the browser and the Updater doesn't automatically close Firefox before running, which it needs to do for the update to apply correctly.
  6. CCleaner Sloooow

    Hi geo2mem, It would help a lot to confirm the following information: Which version of CCleaner you are running (e.g. v5.40) Which version of Chrome you are running (Settings > About Chrome) (e.g. v64.0.3282.167) Which version and edition of Windows you have (e.g. Windows 10 Home) (e.g. Windows 7 Professional) (e.g. Windows Server 2016) Your system architecture (e.g. 64-bit) (e.g. 32-bit)
  7. CCleaner v5.38 installing Avast Free Antivirus

    Hey guys, I apologise if you did not see a consent checkbox in the installation. This is not at all the intended behaviour. You can use the following guide to remove Avast Free antivirus from your machine: https://support.avast.com/en-gb/article/10/ Since we are gathering all feedback and reported incidents in another thread, I will close this one now. Please visit the thread below for the latest updates and to provide what info you can so we can resolve this. Many thanks.
  8. Information we are seeking from those who did not get a consent checkbox during an installation of CCleaner that resulted in the installation of Avast Free antivirus: Which version of CCleaner were you installing? (e.g. v5.39) At the time you installed CCleaner, had you restarted your computer in the past 30 minutes? Did you use any of the Custom Installation Options in the CCleaner installer? Which product version and edition of Windows are you running? (e.g. Windows 7 Professional Edition) (e.g. Windows 10 Home Edition) If Windows 10, did you update from an older version of Windows? (e.g. Yes, I updated from Windows 7) (e.g. No, this machine has a fresh install of Windows 10) If Windows 10, do you have the Creators Edition update? (e.g. Yes, I updated from Windows 7) (e.g. No, this machine has a fresh install of Windows 10) (e.g. Not sure) If known, what is your operating system architecture? (e.g. 32-bit, 64-bit) Which malware/antivirus applications did you have active? (e.g. Windows Defender) (e.g. Malwarebytes) (e.g. Bitdefender with Malwarebytes) Which internet browser do you primarily use? (e.g. Edge) (e.g. Firefox) (e.g. Chrome)
  9. Hi BJosephs, I'd like to clear a few things up. Firstly, the CCleaner Pro installer does not contain any Avast offer (or Google offer, for that matter). If you got the CCleaner installer from CCleaner.com and you did not make a purchase by clicking the 'Buy Now' button, you likely downloaded the 'Free' installer. The Pro installer download link is in your purchase confirmation email. A Pro license is valid for 12 months from the date that it was purchased. Secondly, the Free edition is supported by offers in the installer and one of these is the Avast Free antivirus offer. If you did not see any consent checkbox for installing Avast Free antivirus when you first ran this installer on your new PC, I'd like to collect some information from you as this is not at all the intended behaviour. (On subsequent runs, the CCleaner installer will not show an Avast offer if it detects that [A] Avast has already been offered or Avast is already installed.)
  10. Can't delete duplicate files

    Hey guys, thanks for reporting. Please can you provide some examples of the filenames and corresponding file paths where this is happening?
  11. Improvements in interface and functionality

    Yup, agree 100% on this. Registry cleaning no longer deserves pride of place in the nav menu as it is not needed by the vast majority of users.
  12. Hey guys, If you do need to uninstall Avast, the most thorough method is detailed here: https://support.avast.com/en-gb/article/10/ You can also use CCleaner to wipe up any leftovers there may be (e.g. registry entries).
  13. Ccleaner and Avast

    Hey guys, This is down to an internal communication issue. The support for flagging that you have declined the offer was added in this version of CCleaner. Suppression of the offer will take effect in the March CCleaner installer (v5.41), or the next time you run the installer, if sooner. Apologies for the confusion. I have removed this comment from the v5.40 release announcement now to be clearer (the change will sync across all our web servers & caches in the next 15-120 minutes). Please take care to untick the offer before installing, even if you have previously declined it in an earlier install of CCleaner.
  14. Improvements in interface and functionality

    Still open to all feedback and ideas for improving CCleaner's interface.
  15. We have made good headway and are working on a fix for this in the March release (v5.41).