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  1. How do I Stop New Feature Pop-Up

    Hey guys, The message you describe has a cap and should not be displayed again once you've seen it. However, if you do not permit cookies from our parent company, Avast, we are unable to detect if you have been shown the message before or not. This post summarises how this works: To avoid these messages from being shown perpetually, either reset the Cookies to Keep list, or add the following entry to the Cookies to Keep list: "*.avast.com"
  2. Feature Previews on v5.48.6834

    We still plan to include an opt-out for feature previews in the future.
  3. CCleaner Pro Pop Up

    Context is everything. It is defining if a link is opened by the default browser or by CORRECTION Internet Explorer (for compatibility reasons), hence 'CCleaner shouldn't do anything with it' if it should be left to the browser to open it. It's just for debugging so I wouldn't read too much into it.
  4. Quick Clean

    Hi Ken, Thanks for the feedback, we'll have a think about how to improve this. Although we did try to accommodate people who prefer the more advanced options by inheriting the 'Cleaning Results' setting, it seems we didn't do the right thing in your case. If the cleaning results setting was set to 'Advanced Results' or 'Show as a File List', 'Quick Clean' would not have been made your default, but this doesn't cover the combination of default cleaning results view ('Cleaning Summary') with non-default cleaning rules. As you have explicitly set Custom Clean as your default, this will not be overridden in future builds unless you click the 'Restore Defaults' option, or perform an uninstall-reinstall. Over-the-top installs (a.k.a. manual software update) do not affect settings. One reason we are splitting Quick Clean and Custom Clean is to be able to provide a cleaning experience that doesn't compromise either the advanced or standard user. In the future we will not need to disrupt the Custom Clean experience with anything not intended for advanced users, and vice versa. Hope that makes sense and I'm sorry in this case your experience was affected.
  5. Quick Clean

    General note: I've asked the OP for more information regarding the hang, I'm not ignoring him!
  6. Quick Clean

    Hi there, This one had us stumped for a while and but, in the past week, one of our testers worked it out. In your case this could be due to a rule in the 'Advanced' settings: Only delete files in Windows Temp folders older than 24 hours It's possible that when you analyzed there really was only 5MB of Junk older than 24 hours' old. Then, later in time, when you hit 'Clean', an additional 16MB of Junk is no longer less than a day old, so CCleaner cleans it. To prove this, you could temporarily uncheck the rule and perform a few cleans. To do this test properly you should do it 24 hours' after you have been using your PC and browsing online. If the numbers are suddenly consistent, we know for your case this is the cause. We're thinking about how to improve this experience. Let us know if you have any bright ideas!
  7. Quick Clean

    Hi Grandpa BARRY, How long did CCleaner hang at 17%? Did you receive any prompts to close any open applications? What does CCleaner say it is Analyzing under 'Junk' & 'Privacy'?
  8. More Tracking and Data Gathering?

    Hi Aethernaut, When you use CCleaner it is necessary for some data, such as the operating system you’re on, whether you’re using a free or paid version of CCleaner, and the language you’re using, to be reported. This data allows us to safely maintain CCleaner and make sure that it works well for everyone. Reporting of anonymous usage data is optional and an opt-out is provided in the application. You can read more about this here: https://www.ccleaner.com/about/data-factsheet Regarding the IP lookup, this service is used for two things. The first is to protect against abuse or denial of service attacks on our network. If one or more IP addresses are being used in a coordinated attack to bombard our servers with requests, we can take immediate steps to block this malevolent traffic and maintain a smooth-running and secure service. IP data is stored temporarily for the primary business purpose and is routinely deleted when no longer needed for that purpose, as per GDPR legislation. The second is to determine the continent and country, which is used for efficient provision of online services to a global userbase (e.g. ensuring we can effectively serve product updates to our users around the world) and to to know who we are building our product for. For example, if we detected a security vulnerability in our software, we need to be able to provision an emergency security update effectively to all users simultaneously. If we didn't know which countries our users were in, we wouldn't know where to locate our update servers to ensure they don't become overloaded in such an event. As a second example, if we suddenly see our user numbers jump in Israel or the Middle East, we might add functionality to allow the application to have a Right-to-Left layout as well as Left-to-Right, so people reading in Hebrew or Arabic have a more positive experience.
  9. cannot update pro version it is still 5.24.5841

    Hi Ton Boer, I've moved this post to the Bug Reporting forum. The answer to your question is in the following thread:
  10. Tips and Tricks for CCleaner

    Official Documentation https://www.ccleaner.com/docs/ccleaner Community Guides Frequently Asked Questions about CCleaner (thanks WinApp2.ini) Running CCleaner over a domain to clean profiles (thanks Mauller07) Extended Cleaning with WinApp2.ini These are plugin cleaning rules provided by the community that extend the possible areas that can be cleaned in Windows, web browsers and many other applications. Note: These rules are not created, endorsed or maintained by the developers of CCleaner. Some technical ability required. Use at your own risk. WinApp2.ini Download, Guide & Additions (thanks Nergal)
  11. Update problem on October update Win10

    Hi there, the solution to this problem is covered in this thread: I will close this now.
  12. Solutions & Workarounds for Issues

    Please see this topic in the Bug Reporting forum:
  13. Thanks for the update Joseph29. Would you mind explaining what you did in Kaspersky to get this working? It might help others in the same situation.
  14. Updating / Installing CCleaner If your antivirus detects a problem (thanks TwistedMetal) How to check your installer is authentic Various solutions to update / installation problems (thanks Andavari) "Windows can't access specified device, path, or file." error after install (thanks MTA) Using CCleaner If CCleaner is not deleting Chrome History (thanks TwistedMetal) Fix for corrupted Recycle Bin (thanks Hazel) If system restore points do not show in CCleaner (thanks Andavari) Unable to enable/disable startup items in CCleaner ("Access Denied") (thanks hpower1) Debugging CCleaner Guide to debugging CCleaner (thanks Nergal)
  15. [False Positive] A malware on CCleaner 5.48.6834.

    DNS8 got back to me. They have adjusted the URL's reputation: https://www.virustotal.com/#/url/dcbf986874e39ef14eaaea2c6d0e0960b7ef79d039dca17757cc77d87507c33f/detection