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  1. CCleaner 5.42.6495 (64-bit) crashing

    The fix is in the next version, due before the end of June.
  2. The bloody thing won't install

    Yes the link is a direct one to the Pro installer. This is why only customer support will give it out. It's possible the link could change in the future, so I'm not going to publish it here.
  3. Windows Timeline clearance

    We have done some initial research on the new Windows timeline and plan to include it in CCleaner at some date in the future. I don't think we've currently reached a tipping point as it's only Microsoft and a few other applications who are using this feature currently.
  4. The bloody thing won't install

    This was resolved by downloading the file direct from CCleaner.com. If you contact customer support we will provide you with the direct link. We are investigating why the installer fails. I would be particularly interested in where the professional installer came from (e.g. in an email reminder, or perhaps from a particular page on the website?)
  5. CCleaner Professional Edition Crash

    Ah yeah, my impression was that MWB were actively working on resolving the Ransomware update conflict issue.
  6. Stop asking if we want to...

    Every month there are updates to the product. We always publish a changelog on the CCleaner.com blog. Here are these past changelogs: https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/version-history
  7. CCleaner Professional Edition Crash

    Can you be more specific? If you are referring to the MalwareBytes extension for Firefox, we are working on that with MWB and should have a fix soon. If not, care to elaborate?
  8. My GPS Co-ordinates and Postcode being sent to Avast!

    Hi HotChilli, About the Data Your IP address is the one assigned to you by your Internet Service Provider. The rough location of your ISP is registered in publicly and privately accessible databases managed by digital mapping agencies. For example, if you enter one of Google's IP addresses,, into a website like https://www.iplocation.net/, you will see that most digital mapping agencies pinpoint it to 'Mountain View, California', which is the location of Google's headquarters. However, the complete address of Google's property is not recorded with the IP address. Similarly, the longitude and latitude data in your example probably do not correlate with your exact physical location. In the example above for the Google IP, one of the results shows the longitude and latitude for that IP address as this location. It is not the exact location of Google HQ. The non-digital postcode works in a similar fashion. It is indicative of a wide region and used by national and local postal services to ship post around in batches. A postcode is a fraction of an individual's address and is not unique to you or your property. Why the Data is Collected The data is collected for the legitimate business purposes of providing an emergency update service to ensure our users are protected. The location data is used to see where our users are so we can be sure if all our users need an update at the same time, our servers can cope with the load. We can also monitor if updates fail, where the communication is breaking down, so we can fix outages across our systems, or investigate with the relevant ISP. Your IP address is not stored for any longer than it takes to derive the approximate location (e.g. Sydney, Australia). We then make a note of the approximate location with no other associated data. This method of data collection is compliant with GDPR. The data is collected by Avast.com, who are our parent company. They are not a third-party. Our Privacy Policy You can read about the data we collect and why in this section of our Privacy Policy. The software provides privacy settings where you can control data collected.
  9. Thank you all for the continued feedback. We are working on resolving this. We do know that this affects a very small minority of people. This makes it very difficult to debug, and we are coming to the conclusion that it may require some bigger changes to the installer. This will take time, so please accept our apologies and we very much appreciate your patience. In the meantime, you can continue to use the Slim version of the software from: https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds
  10. CCleaner Pro on Windows10 64 Bit not updateing

    Hi Ranabir, I don't know the cause of the issue you encountered in the software, but I would like to comment on the speed of response. 26th May was a Saturday, and we had a reduced Support team over the weekend including Monday 28th as it was a bank holiday in the UK. After long weekends like this, and especially during the summer months when people take holiday, it may take a bit longer for the team to get back to you as there is a bigger backlog to go through. Since your post 2 days ago, you should definitely have received a response. If that is not the case, send me a direct message here on the forums and I'll look into it. In the case that you're not satisfied, we'll be happy to refund you.
  11. CCleaner not updating automatically.

    We've been in contact with MWB regarding this. Please let me know if it the issue still occurs.
  12. Font Cache breaks Windows 10 version 1803

    This option is disabled in the current release. If you haven't updated (or disabled the option), we strongly recommend doing so.
  13. 5.43 -- Still Broken

    Hey guys, as per the changelog, we did not prioritise these issues for this release because other issues affecting a greater number of users took priority. We have a speculative fix for the Kaspersky issue in test for the June release. The Server 2008 issue is not scheduled to be fixed for the next release.
  14. The bloody thing won't install

    We're going to contact MWB about this directly.
  15. [Request] Can't rename Windows apps in Uninstall section

    Oh well, I tried. We'll keep this thread open for mature input from our other forum users.