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    Changing the password to this forum site is clear enough. The password management within the main Piriform.com site/system (or parent system) is not at all secure. It should be encrypted where no one, not even the top DBA, can access it. That's why sites with legally confidential information send links to reset the password. When I clicked on "forgot password", Piriform sent me a new, weak password along with my user, all in the same email. Then offered to change it to one of my preference by emailing Piriform with the new password. Again, highly insecure. There is too much "fishy" stuff going on with the internet like malware, keyloggers, email interception, etc, I'm grateful PayPal was a payment option or would not have renewed. Since you charge a single user to put CCleaner Pro on my main PC and also charge me to put Pro on my satellite 'dumb' laptop for web surfing basically - not even a "family" situation - Every Year - perhaps a new web security project should be considered. Ex enterprise system developer