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  1. Solid State Drive - Trim feature?

    Hello! I use two operating systems. Windows 7 and Windows XP. In each of them I work with a SSD. XP does not support TRIM. In Windows 7 no function to TRIM free space (as in Windows 8, 8.1 and 10). Quick Optimize feature of Defraggler (using version 2.21) in Windows 7 sends TRIM for free space without filling it with zeros! What I've done: 1 Launched Windows XP. Filled SSD free space with random data, and removed this data. 2 Launched Windows 7 and hex editor to make sure that the SSD is full (including free space). 3. Perform a quick optimize for SSD. 4. Wait a couple of minutes. 5. Start a hex editor, and found that the part of the SSD (a little larger than the free space) is filled with zeros. 6. ??????? 7. PROFIT p.s. Thanks to developers! That's what I was looking for.