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  1. Desktop WXP with Seagate 500GB Baracuda Fr4gmentation 16% Capacity 465GB Used 40% Free 60%. Whilst running Defraggler shows Defragmentation 0%. Remaining time Claculating. 16,841 Fragmented files (35,8GB) 174,760 Total Fragments. Recently defraggled 2 x W7 Dell Laptops and 1 x W10 Desktop with same version Deffragler with no problems. Appears to be stuck and left for 24 hours to see if recovered. It reamains the same. Has filled the the free space with approx the same as started i.e 40% of Fragmented Low/Fragmented/Not Fragmented Low/Non Fragmented/ Page files. Dilemma is, do I stop, if so what happens to the newly created files? Do I re-start Defraggle and hope it removes the created files? Is the HDD trashed? Problem is that the HDD has programs on which I still use and are not compatible with newer versions of Windows and would cost many thousands to replace and the requirement is to compile legacy software with the same versions. The drive was backed up many months ago, but it is subsequent tasks that would be lost. Any guidance would be useful. After many years I am for the first time undecided what the results may be.
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