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  1. My CC Cleaner is now skipping Internet Explorer and taking a long time to do so. If I have to, I'd rather wait and have IE cleared than have it skipped. I do not even use IE, but those cookies get on here anyway and need to be cleared. I use Win. 7 pro, on a Dell Precision m6800 laptop, if it makes any difference.
  2. v5.58.7209 Skipping IE Cookies

    Thank You for all your kind replies. I do not use IE. I have nothing open that uses IE. Now it has changed since I got an update from Windows...now it sticks on IE cookies, but does not show IE cookies as having been cleaned, either. It is now not even reporting it. Even though I do not use IE, and use no programs that use IE, IE is invasive. Going onto the internet is having IE automatically be attempting to get on your computer someway, somehow...it is just who they are and what they do. For years, there are always IE cookies to clean up...until now. If it's not one thing it's another, or, to quote Roseanne Rosannadanna, "It's always something." May Gilda Radner be a blessed memory for all who knew and loved her.
  3. v5.58.7209 Skipping IE Cookies

    Hi--and Thank You for your kind reply! There is no error message. I have never ticked "do not show me this again." There is no place to do so with the notice. I realize it only works when I am offline...this is how it works. In the "Custom Clean" mode, it shows "Internet Explorer cookies skipped." In the Easy Clean mode, it shows 1 tracker (not a cookie) and when you open it up, it says it is an Internet Explorer tracker. I do not know what to think--except that this has been going on for months, with this new version as well as the previous version.
  4. v5.58.7209 is skipping Internet Explorer cookie deletion, just the same as the previous CC version. It is taking a long time on IE, and then not deleting the cookies. I check over and over and over and over...but to no avail. I use Win. 7pro, Firefox, Dell laptop. Will this be fixed?