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  1. Wrong Hard Drive Speed

    Hmmm . . . .
  2. Wrong Hard Drive Speed

    Last week both HDDs reported a speed of 10000 RPM. This latest (today) Speccy report reported the correct speed of 7200 for one and 10000 for the other. That sounds like the WMI libraries have changed!!!
  3. Wrong Hard Drive Speed

    Speccy Free Version 1.31.732 reports all my Hard Drive disks speeds as 10,000 RPM when they are actually 7,200 RPM per manufacture specs. See attached. Note both say: RPM/Buffer Size or Attribute = 10,000 RPM with 16 MB cache. The WD7502AEX reports Speed = 10000 RPM. The WD2003FZEX reports Speed = 7200 RPM. Both should report 7200 RPM in all four instances per WDC specs. and HDD Label.
  4. Build 5.22 does not remove (Clean) Windows Log Files either! Have had this issue through several versions of CCleaner. In particular C:/ . . . /Windows/WebCache/???.log and C:/ . . ./WebCache/???tmp.log. tacoslammer