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  1. 5.41.6446 update

    I am running the Pro version of CCleaner, which I paid for because I would like a PRO version. Now, with the latest update, I get a window after cleaning that shows cute little pictures of a "bad guy" and a "waste basket" then I have to CLICK on a link to get back to a 'normal' screen showing what was deleted. EVEN when I go into the ADVANCED drop down and ask it to get me back to the good old normal screen, it shows me a LIST of the files deleted rather than just the 'location' and 'file size' that I used to get. What happened? Why cutsie-pie the application up? We're grown ups here. I want my adult version back, please. Thank you. Ann Kallal, graphics artist, age 75
  2. Latest Update Avast on Desktop

    I do NOT like having the Avast software downloaded and activated on my computer, without my permission. There was no box when I upgraded to the latest version that informed me it would be installed. And that is another point. . .why is the PRO version of CCleaner not able to install updates? Why should we have to come here, download the "trial version" and then internally allow our license to validate our rights to it? Furthermore, the Avast software just informed me that "you have joined a different Network . . ." then giving me the "name" of that network, Avast asks if it can scan it. Is this a sneaky way to make inroads into networks it discovers nearby? WTH - Piriform. We are your customers give us the option PROMINENTLY to choose. Thank you.
  3. Thank you. Got it! Ann K.
  4. I renewed my annual CCleaner Pro license on June 28, 2017. (running: v5.31.6105, 64 bit.) Today (July 11) I received a notification that there is a New Version available to download. When I click the download / install for that newer version I get a screen stating: "0x2f08 - a redirect request will change a secure connection to an unsecured connection". Below that, the screen offers links to Purchase / Register / Cancel. I have clicked through the Register link and RE-ENTERED my license information, but it is a loop of the same screens that come up again and again. Is there a work-around to this? Thank you.
  5. Just because you asked: v. 5.20.5668 Windows OS: Windows 7 Professional, service pack 1 And I haven't changed anything, really, in several years. I have to reinstall the drivers for my Wacom Cintiq 21 from time to time, but I pretty much go with what I have and I do a lot of graphics work as I am an artist, selling my designs via Print on Demand sites. I was surprised when suddenly, it seemed, after CCleaner summary showed just the regular dump of files, cookies, etc., for years, it started showing these humongous numbers of IE files being "cleaned" numerous times per day. I wondered what on Earth was IN them??? And I do mean upwards of 100,000 files (not bytes) each time I ran the CCleaner in a day. . .that is why I Googled a question about it and discovered that IE was involved in many "operations" of our computers even though we may not be using IE as our Browser of choice. Now, of course when it all STOPPED again, and CCleaner has reverted to just dumping the good old numbers of files, cookies, etc., again rarely mentioning removing a file or two from IE, I am wondering if those transactions previously dumped are perhaps STILL retained on my computer? You see, there are two sides to this. . . Thanks, for your input, mta . . . Ann K.
  6. I have the pro edition. Yes, I have all of the boxes ticked. I've been using the Pro edition of CCleaner for years. Several months ago I noticed that even though I never use Microsoft's IE as my browser (I use Mozilla Firefox) the CCleaner would show that hundreds of thousands (yes!) of files had been removed from Internet Explorer each time I used the CCleaner. I use CCleaner every time I sign off the Internet. So multiple times a day it would show that these 100,000+ files had been removed from IE, plus all of the usual removals from Firefox, cookies, etc. So I went online and just from general posts learned that my computer utilizes IE for many background jobs. . .OK, so I made up my mind not to sweat it. Now for the last several weeks I've begun to notice that when I run the CCleaner the Summary NEVER shows that anything from Microsoft Internet Explorer has been removed. Anyone else notice this? Did something change? Thanks, Ann K.