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  1. The Wrong Temperature Thread

    Thanks hazelnut ... http://speccy.piriform.com/results/MozNMQbkDozBVuUByM61Idi http://speccy.piriform.com/results/KNvyfVXnJbju27HVpKebM2w http://speccy.piriform.com/results/OKjD8vHW1FahzieaCG8czJ4 That seems the best can do! Cannot find a way to display teh image.
  2. The Wrong Temperature Thread

    I have managed to get some snapshots of the appropriate page ... which are saved as .speccy files. I then try to upload them here and for some reason I cannot do so ... I use the Attach Files, Browse to the location, select the image and Open, then when I click <Attach This File> the system responds with: Error You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file when I use the Basic Uploader and Upload Skipped (Error IO) when using the advanced version. Is there a guide on how to upload .speccy files directly?
  3. The Wrong Temperature Thread

    I have just come here to look for assistance/advice and found this thread. I currently do not have access to te PC, however I will get the details later today and post them. I run Speccy on an older XP machine where I use it to monitor temperatures during processor intensive operations. Recently I was trying to find out why a Win10 machine was running slow and found that under certain conditions there was a high CPU load - Speccy was installed and I could see the temperatures rising however they looked "normal" for the usage. Advice from Dell was to update drivers and move to Win10. Win10 upgrade completed and had to re-install Speccy. CPU temperature are all looking fine - idle around 40/45 c and increase under load. However, motherboard temperature are way out. I have seen several different values reported however they do not vary and stay exactly the same - 77c motherboard when CPU is 30! is one example. Obviously an incorrect value being reported or interpreted. The machine is a Dell Latitude E6430 - further details to follow.