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  1. v5.51.6939 (64 bit) One of your contributors suggested that under License Information there is now a Subscription Management button. I have v5.51.6939 and the only button under License Information is "Close". How do I cancel my subscription?
  2. Cancel subscription to CCleaner Pro

    Hi Ben Thanks for your reply. I was concerned that my credit card would be auto-billed. Regards Geoff
  3. When I run CCleaner, it removes all the 'Recent Files' links which were listed in Windows 10 File Explorer. The CCleaner settings have not been changed from the default. I do not think that CCleaner should remove File Explorer's 'Recent Files' links by default. How do you stop CCleaner removing these links? Does anybody else have the same problem?
  4. Thank you for your reply to my query. As you suggested, I unticked all the boxes under Windows Explorer in CC and ran CC. It did NOT remove the Recent Files in File Explorer. Your suggestion solves my problem - thank you.