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  1. Where do I find "Adobe Flash Player" in "Applications/Multimedia"? I have Flash set to "Always Ask" due to it's vulnerabilities. Is it under Tools/Options?
  2. My credit union adds a cookie to my laptop to register it. This makes it fairly simple to log in. The problem is that I can't find that cookie under the Cookies list in Settings so I can't exclude it. Thus, every time I try to log in (after using CCleaner), the cookie has been deleted by CCleaner and I have to go through a complicated process to register the laptop again and again. The credit union says that it's definitely a cookie that they set so, in theory, it should show. I can find no way to add the cookie to the exclude list.
  3. For my credit union account, it registers my device so that I can log in. That registration keeps getting removed when I run CCleaner. The cookie list does not show anything from my credit union nor is there a way to add it. I reverted back to 5.22 but nothing changed. How can I convince the program to skip a cookie it can't seem to find?
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