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  1. I need to uninstall CCleaner (Mac) but cannot permanently trash CCleaner com.piriform.ccleaner.sfl Moving to and emptying trash appears successful but after restart the sfl file re-appears. A maintenance/repair issue makes removal really important—greatly appreciate advice. Thanks...
  2. New to CCleaner Mac & stumbling a bit, I’m trying to use the Erase Freespace feature and wondering if it’s stuck. Several hours ago, these steps were followed: Select Vol. HD–Security Zero Out which gave me a detail window showing: Started to erase on disk1 (HD); Creating temp file; Securely erasing file. The little gear icon spins and continues but with no more info on progress, time remaining, etc. Wondering if I’m also “spinning my wheel” and having screwed up, should try to cancel. Many thanks...(screen pull attached) natsea
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